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Articles on Berkeys Blog by Jamie Wooldridge and the Berkeys plumbing and HVAC specialists are meant to provide educational, entertaining, newsworthy and helpful information regarding residential air conditioning and plumbing for homeowners in Dallas, Ft. Worth. Always consult a professional, licensed plumbing or HVAC contractor like Berkeys before doing any work on your home.

Add New Life To Your Kitchen With A DIY Backsplash

Eventually, we all look around our homes and wish we could remodel the kitchen or upgrade the bathrooms. But, sometimes our budgets don’t allow for major projects right then. However, with some careful planning and some weekend Do-It-Yourself projects, we can get a new look with a small price tag. One of those projects is […]

No Time To Dawdle: Have A Plan For A House Fire

Before you have a house fire, you need to have a plan. You don’t have time to stop for your wedding photos or important papers.  According to a segment on the TODAY Show, you have even less time to get out that you thought. Newer homes and furniture burn faster, giving you less time to […]

Make Money On Your Remodel

At some point, remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or some room of your house becomes necessary. Sometimes, it’s because the room is very dated or the space is no longer very functional. Other times, you decide that your home needs to be more energy efficient than it was 30 years ago. Remodeling can be expensive, but […]

Texans Helping Texans: Houston Needs Our Help

In the wake of the Hurricane Harvey Disaster, we’ve seen countless images and heard numerous stories of our fellow Texans that need our help. So many stories that we may begin to feel overwhelmed. However, help is arriving. Help from celebrities, corporations and individuals is beginning to pour into the Texas Gulf Coast. Even some […]

North Texas Outdoor Air Quality Gets A Watchdog in Wise County

In North Texas, We all know the outdoor air quality can get quite bad. We have dust, dirt, pollen, chemicals and all kinds of things floating around in the air.  All this pollution can really affect our health and quality of life. And some of our neighbors have stepped in to make sure our communities […]

Summer Time Adventures For DFW!

School’s out and you’re probably planning a family vacation this summer. Sometimes, deciding where to go can be a hard decision. Or, sometimes, getting everyone’s summer schedules arranged for a big trip can be hard. Texas Highways has some ideas for a long vacation or a weekend getaway.   17 Trips for 2017   Texas’ […]

Berkeys Gives Back To Veterans

Memorial Day gives us an opportunity to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving our nation, and DFW companies like BERKEYS Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical work hard to honor military members and veterans 365 days a year. For many members of the military, leaving the armed services can be a difficult transition. […]

Looking For A Special Treat For Mom?

Looking For A Special Treat For Mom? Every Mom is different. Every family is different. Mom’s special day should be unique, just for her and her family.  But, what can a family plan for a one-of-a-kind day in addition to a beautiful bouquet. Fort Worth Magazine has some ideas.  44 of them. From restaurants to […]

Have The Sniffles? You’re Not The Only One

If you live in the DFW area, you probably have allergies. We live in a big, dusty, city surrounded by machines billowing exhaust and pollen from plants and trees. We also have dust and pollens blowing in from hundreds of miles away. D Magazine published an article explaining why we have so many allergies. Why […]

Air Purifiers: Your Buying Guide

When you live in North Texas, you expect pollen, dust, and chemicals to be blowing around in the air outside. But, it’s also floating around in your house, your office and everywhere else. Just about any HVAC system has an air filter to remove much of the contaminates in the air. Unfortunately, most of these […]

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