Air Duct Analysis, Replacement & Cleaning

There are a variety of causes for the presence of particles (e.g., dust) in your home.

Impurities can enter the home from outdoors as well as stem from indoor activities such as cooking, cleaning, pet dander, and more.

Top Reasons for Air Duct Analysis

Biological growth, dirt, and debris are visible inside hard surface ducts (e.g., sheet metal) or on other components of an air conditioning and heating system.

  1. Ask your technician to show you these contaminants.
  2. If air ducts are found with biological growth, debris, or in poor condition, they can be cleaned; however, the best remedy is to replace duct work and properly seal it. Additionally, there are products available which can improve air filtration and humidification.
  3. It is important that the source of contamination is found! If conditions causing contamination are not remedied, the problem will persist.

Improving Indoor Air

  • Annual maintenance on air conditioning and heating equipment not only improves efficiency and extends system life, but it allows technicians to prevent ventilation issues like those described above.
  • All air conditioning and heating systems are installed with air filtration devices, but most fall short of really cleaning the air. Even High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) air filters stop only about 90% of suspended solids. Berkeys provides the AccuClean™ air filtration system from American Standard. This system removes up to 99.98% of allergens from filtered air, and it can be installed on most existing air conditioning and heating systems.

Getting the Best Results

All Berkeys service technicians are highly trained and licensed. They are experienced in duct inspection and design and have worked on a variety of systems. Additionally, they will take steps to ensure that you, your pets, and your home remain free of contamination. They comply with clean air standards.

Contact Berkeys to learn more about air duct analysis for your home.