Aprilaire Dehumidifer

Whole House Dehumidifier

We all know that the humidity in Texas can get a bit overwhelming. We deal with enough of it outside so don’t let humidity be an issue inside of your house too. Sometimes your air conditioning system is not enough to keep your home as comfortable and safe as it should be. A dehumidifier can help give your home that extra boost of comfort and great air quality you and your family deserve.

Why you should get a dehumidifier:

Dehumidifiers are extremely valuable to many homeowners. For starters, this product can be very beneficial for those with allergies or asthma. These units make the air less humid, this helps eliminate allergens such as dust, mildew and mold. Having too much moisture in the air leads to bad air quality that can cause serious health issues. If there is moisture somewhere, then there could also be mold. Once you have mold in your home, it is incredibly difficult to get rid of it because of how fast it can spread. These units also help eliminate terrible odors. They remove dust mites and can take care of personal belongings such as books and wooden instruments that can be damaged by moisture in the air.

You can help prevent these issues by getting a dehumidifier today.


Signs your home needs a dehumidifier:

Many homeowners don’t know if they should get a dehumidifier. Your home can be giving you signs that you need to get one. These signs can be water stains on the walls or ceilings, frequent condensation on the windows of your home, mold spots on ceiling or corners of walls, must or mildew smells, or rotting wood. If you have noticed any of these issues, please contact a local HVAC professional to help you find the best solution for your home. Don’t let these issues get any worse!

How it works:

A dehumidifier takes in air from a room or the entire house, removes the moisture from that air, and then blows it back out to the room again. The unit collects the moisture from the air in a plastic bucket or container. Whenever the bucket or container is full, you can empty it out and then start over. Some units will also come with a hose hookup. This lets you to run a hose from the dehumidifier directly to a water drain. These are made to make sure you never have to worry about emptying the collected moisture.

Selecting the perfect dehumidifier:

There are lots of things you should take into consideration when selecting a dehumidifier, such as the area you want to place it in, the energy performance of the unit, and the size and capacity of the unit. There are different capacities that you can select from when looking for a dehumidifier. Those capacities are:

  • Small-capacity: These are portable units and are ideal for a small damp room.
  • Large capacity: These are also portable, and they can be used in large damp rooms.
  • Whole-house dehumidifier: This is built into a home’s air conditioning system. These are ideal for a small- or medium-size wet or damp house.

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Berkeys recommends Aprilaire™ when it comes to getting the best dehumidifier for your home. Their products enable a safer and a more comfortable home and their dehumidifiers allow for greater comfort and energy savings. The units are quiet and efficient so you barely notice them. Maintenance is minimal so you don’t have to stress yourself out worrying if your unit is working properly or not. The Pint series of dehumidifiers will eliminate moisture from the air which causes less strain on your air conditioning system, which means it will save you money monthly and your HVAC system will last you longer. Get fresh and filtered air today with Aprilaire™ whole house dehumidifiers.