Slab Leak Repair and Detection Services by Berkeys in Dallas Ft. Worth

Early Slab Leak Detection Can Help Prevent Costly Foundation and Slab Leak Repairs.

Nearly all homes in the Dallas / Fort Worth area are built on concrete slabs because the clay soil is very unstable and unsuitable for basements. Slab foundations reduce the structural risk to your home, but it doesn’t eliminate it.  Berkeys can help you mitigate the problems.

“I asked for the appointment online and received a call back in less than 30 minutes….I’m starting a new relationship with Berkeys and was most impressed both with Customer Service and the technicians work.”

Malcolm N., McKinney, TX

Soil Shift Can Cause Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing lines buried beneath slabs are vulnerable to shifting soils. If the soil moves too much, plumbing lines can develop leaks. A slow leak beneath a home can cause the soil to shift more, which can make the leak worse. The potential for increasing damage makes early leak detection essential.  Even the smallest of leaks can yield devastating results. A leak the size of a pinhead, for example, can waste 360,000 gallons per year, enough to fill 12,000 bathtubs to overflowing.

In severe cases, the slab and flooring can erupt and flood every room on the ground floor, ruining floor coverings, furniture, water heaters and other appliances. When that happens, foundation repair is only one of several serious problems.  Or a leak beneath the slab can erode the soil and cause the slab to cave in. When the slab fails, the weight of the concrete breaks the plumbing lines beneath, causing a rush of water into the home.

Slab leak detection and foundation leak repair play a vital role in keeping your home’s foundation intact. We would much rather locate a suspected leak than to do major repair work afterward. But how do you know when to call your plumbing repair company, Berkeys Plumbing?

You need Berkeys for leak detection if:

  • Your water bill increases for no apparent reason
  • You hear the sound of water running when no taps are open
  • You see foundation cracks
  • Grass of foundation plants grow unevenly
  • There is a visible shift in the soil around your home
  • You have warm spots on slab floors
  • You have discolored floor coverings, such as darkened hardwood
  • You smell bad odors coming from floors or walls

Preventive Plumbing: the Path to Early Leak Detection

Leak detection is a vital part of assuring your home’s plumbing system is functioning well and safely. You stand to save a lot of money on needlessly high water bills and avoid possibly having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on foundation repair and restoring a flooded home. For more information, read our blog post about slab leaks and early detection.

Berkeys recommends annual plumbing tune-ups as the best way to spot little problems before they have a chance to become big problems.

logo_club-mdOur licensed plumbers will perform an 11-point tune-up on your home’s plumbing system and fixtures, including a water pressure test. Low pressure may indicate a leak. Many people gladly pay us $79 for this service alone, and they more than get their money’s worth.

But Berkeys has an even better option. The Berkeys Club includes your plumbing tune-up, and the cost is only $99 per year.