Drain Cleaning for Unclogging Stubborn Drains in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX.

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BERKEYS Licensed Drain and Sewer Plumbing experts are some of Dallas Fort Worth’s best trained, well-equipped and most qualified technicians. The BERKEYS 123-Day Clog-Free Guarantee promises your main drain or sewer line will remain cleared for One-Hundred and Twenty-Three Days or we will return and clear it at no additional charge. (See below for more details). Repeated clogs/clearing could mean a more serious problem, but your BERKEYS Plumbing & Drain Technician will analyze this on site.

Whether it’s a Main Line Stoppage, a clogged sink in your kitchen or bathtub, we can fix it fast, and right, guaranteed. 

About the 123 Drain Special by BERKEYS

Do you have a Clogged Drain or Sewer Line? If your clogged drain or sewer line is accessible via an external clean out main line, Berkeys will (1) clear/unclog your drain, (2) video inspect the drain and (3) guarantee your drain will be clog-free for one-hundred and twenty-three days (123-days)*. Learn more about the 123Drain by BERKEYS »

If your clogged drain is not accessible via an external clean out, this service cannot be performed. However, can still help. You will be provided with an up front estimate to unclog the drain. Call to schedule a Licensed Plumbing professional to help fix your clogged drain or sewer line.