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National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

January 10th was National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. There are many, many ways to cut your utility bills. National Day Calendar has a few suggestions. NATIONAL CUT YOUR ENERGY COSTS DAY – January 10 NATIONAL CUT YOUR ENERGY COSTS DAY Scheduling an appointment to get your heating system tuned up, would be one of […]

What’s A “Hard Freeze”, DFW?

Its winter in North Texas, so we expect to see a some cold weather, including the occasional snow flurry or even an ice storm. We also expect to be spending our early mornings watching the news for the latest weather predictions. Almost every weather person on our local news uses the phrase ”hard freeze” from […]

The R-22 Refrigerant Phase-Out: What You Need to Know

The R-22 Refrigerant Phase-Out: What You Need to Know Julia Clem Have you ever wondered exactly how your air conditioner produces that gloriously chilly air in the middle of even the hottest, most humid summer days? The entire process is a little complex, but the short version is that a chemical called a refrigerant (you’ve […]

Your Water Isn’t Always Good For You

Like many Texas, we assume that because we have a municipal water source for our homes that the water from our taps is perfectly safe. But, sometimes, it isn;t. Many things can happen to our water between the water treatment plant and our kitchen sink. Pipes can leak adding contaminants and pesticides to our water. […]

BERKEYS® Among Dallas Companies Recognized For Business Excellence

Local Southlake Home Service Company, BERKEYS® Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical, among those honored at the 2018 Consumers’ Choice Award Winners’ Event.   Jamie Wooldridge, President of BERKEYS® I am so pleased that our customers took the time to vote for us to win this award. Everyone at Berkeys truly deserves credit for this achievement. […]

Fire Place Safety

In Texas, we expect hot, humid summers. But, we also get cold, icy winter weather, too. Those snow and ice storms can arrive quickly. When the cold wind blows, our fireplaces become more than an attractive visual feature of our home. They become a source of holiday atmosphere as well as a warm, cozy place […]

Outdoor Lighting Your Home Needs

Outdoor lighting for your home is important. But, it needs to be functional as well as attractive. Even minimal improvements to your outdoor lighting has many benefits you may not realize. There’s no reason you should be debating about improving your outdoor lighting. There are benefits you should really consider. First, you want to make […]

What To Do In All That Water

If you’ve been in North Texas this week, You’ll have been quite soggy. It’s rained and rained. According to the Dallas Morning News it’s record setting. “In what has become the wettest September on record for Dallas-Fort Worth, several cities across North Texas recorded impressive rainfall amounts. “ “DFW International Airport record 8.16 inches of […]

Make Your Tiny Living Room Roomy

Many of us, whether we’re renting or homeowners, have spaces in their home or apartment that feel small.  Until recently, most living spaces didn’t feature an open concept design. Rooms were defined by walls and doors. If you aren’t planning a remodeling project anytime soon, you can still make your small living room feel bigger. […]

Berkeys Is Growing Again

BERKEYS Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical — Grand Opening Expansion Represents Company Growth and Provides Jobs to Southlake Community DALLAS, July 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — BERKEYS, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, & Electrical is excited to announce the grand opening and official ribbon cutting ceremony with the Southlake Chamber of Commerce of their new facilities in Southlake, Texas. The expansion allows BERKEYS to continue […]

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