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Make Your Tiny Living Room Roomy

Many of us, whether we’re renting or homeowners, have spaces in their home or apartment that feel small.  Until recently, most living spaces didn’t feature an open concept design. Rooms were defined by walls and doors. If you aren’t planning a remodeling project anytime soon, you can still make your small living room feel bigger. […]

Berkeys Is Growing Again

BERKEYS Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical — Grand Opening Expansion Represents Company Growth and Provides Jobs to Southlake Community DALLAS, July 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — BERKEYS, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, & Electrical is excited to announce the grand opening and official ribbon cutting ceremony with the Southlake Chamber of Commerce of their new facilities in Southlake, Texas. The expansion allows BERKEYS to continue […]

New Records Set in North Texas

All Texans expect summer to be hot and humid. Some years, the temperature can rise higher than expected and staying cool is a challenge. Unfortunately, this year, the weather is even more expreme and the pressure put on electricity providers has increased significantly. According to ERCOT, it’s setting records, according to the Dallas Morning News. […]

Keep Your Cool, DFW

If you’ve spent much time in North Texas, you know that heating and air conditioning are a requirement to live comfortably. Not only does air conditioning keep you cool, it’s necessary for a lot of reasons. Extreme temperatures can have negative effects on your health. The filters keep pollutants, like pollen and dust, out of the house. […]

Everything’s Bigger In Texas – Including Allergies

North Texas is an amazing place to live – unless you have allergies. Allergies can really confine your spring activities to the house. Many allergy sufferers think that their allergies are worse in Texas. But, are they really? The Dallas Morning News’s Curious Texas investigated and published their results. Why are allergies in Dallas-Fort Worth […]

Don’t Blow Your Electrical Budget This Summer

When you live in Texas, you expect a hot summer. This means increased electricity bills. But, when the summer gets exceptionally hot and humid, it may also mean rolling brownouts and am electricity bill that completely blows your entire budget for the summer. Fortunately, The Dallas Morning News published a story about the need for […]

Natural Alternative For Chemical Weed Killers

The environment in North Texas is perfect for weeds. Before we built our homes, the land was covered in wild plants. The wild plants, like weeds, are beneficial to our environment. They provide natural food sources for the wildlife. They may also help control insects and pests. But, for our homes, we need to be […]

DFW Zoos Are Big Winners

It’s May and it’s time to celebrate spring and our Mothers. Just in time for mother’s day, USA Today has published it’s 10Best List for this year. The lists rank the 10 of everything from best Florida beaches to the best zoos. And DFW zoos definitely came out on top. For more information on each […]

Dallas Is Best For Families

Almost all DFW residents know that it’s a great place to live. All the local restaurants, parks, arts, culture – the list does on and on. But it’s also really family friendly. An article recently written by Culture Map cites a recent survey from that ranks our fair city as the best place for […]

Trees Aren’t Just Pretty, They Keep Us Cool

When you live in Texas, you know the summers are hot. Especially, in the concrete jungle of downtown and the black asphalt parking lots. The concrete absorbs the sun’s heat all day long and radiates it back into the air all night long. AZCentral, in Arizona, posted an interesting article about Dallas and how trees […]

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