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Where Is Rockwall’s Wall?

What’s the history of Rockwall’s ancient rock wall? Curious Texas goes digging Many believe that the city of Rockwall was built on top of an ancient civilization, but others say the story of those origins don’t add up.                 Rocks from the actual Rock Wall are on display […]

DFW, What’s Your Home Worth?

Dallas home prices jump by 25% Home price gains in Dallas are the largest ever in monthly Case-Shiller report. Nationwide home prices were up 19.5% in September, according to Case-Shiller.(Ben Torres / Special Contributor) By Steve Brown 8:37 AM on Nov 30, 2021 CST Dallas-area home prices saw an unprecedented 25% spike in the latest nationwide […]

New Adventures For The Weekend, DFW!

Now that the weather is cooling off a little bit, we want to get out into nature. But, we might be looking for new places to go instead of the same familiar stomping grounds. A new adventure that is perfect for a day trip or a weekend getaway. Only In Your State has recently revealed […]

Get Out And Get Moving, Dallas

Now that summer is over, the temperature is beginning to drop nd we’re getting out more. Many of us are using our time outside on Dallas area hiking and biking trails. There’s good news coming for our Dallas trails. THEY ARE EXPANDING! Soon, we’ll be able to move around our city on new trails and […]

Tips For Your Garden

Your September to-do list for a healthy garden Use an organic fertilizer to help control winter weeds. Bed preparation is essential for successful food crops.(Howard Garrett / Special Contributor) By Howard Garrett 4:19 PM on Aug 23, 2021 CDT   Since there is so much to do in September, let’s jump the gun by a few […]

IT’S BACK! Big Tex Choice Awards Finalists

Have you missed your deep fried twinkies? A funnel cake bacon queso burger? Maybe fried jello? Have no fear! The deep fried, super creative State Fair of Texas’ food competition returns this fall after a very long year. Not only will we have brand new culinary creations, all the other things we loved about the […]

Is Solar An Option For Your DFW Home?

After the recent power grid problems in Texas and future winter storm outages, Many Texas homeowners are searching for answers. Is the power gris going to be repaired? Improved? Or is it going to continue to be unreliable when Texans need power the most in extreme temperatures? Is there another answer? Well, there just might […]

Useful Tip For Your Car This Summer

Most of us love living on the Texas Gulf Coast. We love being near so many beaches and outdoor adventures. But, one thing we don’t love is the sticky, extreme heat. Getting into your car at the end of the day can be brutal. But, here’s a hint too help you out this summer.  Most […]

Let’s Go Swim, DFW!

Now that Texas is returning to its normal, hit and humid summery weather, we are all looking for a place to get out of the house. Somewhere to get away from the hot concrete. And, somewhere to cool off. We;;, the Houston Chronicle has some good suggestions for us. These underrated Texas swimming holes will […]

Just Curious, DFW

Have you ever wondered if your neighborhood folklore was true? Or wondered about where a street name came from when you’re stuck in traffic? Well, the Dallas Morning News just might have the answer. Curious Texas has a team to investigate the things we wonder about the culture, people and institutions of North Texas.  Dallas […]