Captura UV Air Purifiers

Air Purification with UCaptura UV Filterltraviolet Light – A Quiet and effective Air Purification System

In nature, the UV energy contained in the Sun’s rays help purify outdoor air and the Captura UV Air Purifier works in much the same way, except on a smaller scale inside your existing HVAC system. UV air purification is also the preferred method used by hospitals nationwide.

The Captura UV Air Purification System was developed with accumulated research data from the Westinghouse Electric Corporation Lamp Division’s research labs. According to the research, a UV lamp has a 70 to 85% kill rate for germs on first impact. Due to the positioning of the lamp and it’s length, any germs not eliminated on first impact, will be neutralized on subsequent impacts. This results in a near 99% effectiveness of the system.

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