Backup Generators Dallas

Backup GeneratorYou shouldn’t let a power outage in the Dallas area bring you and your family down. A standby backup generator installed by one of Berkeys’ licensed electricians will give you and your family a reliable solution you can depend on to keep you and your family safe and comfortable.

Backup Generator For Homes In Dallas

The Dallas weather can be very unpredictable so you never know when a power outage can occur. Power failures can last anywhere from a couple of hours to days, that time can be valuable and wind up costing you even more money.  A home with no power has no heating or cooling, you’re unable to use chargers for your devices and you might not have working electronics you can use to see weather updates. Having a home backup generator in Dallas can help prevent all those issues and more.  

Dallas Residential Backup Generator Systems

Once a power outage happens, a backup generator has an automatic transfer switch that turns the generator on and provides your home with backup electrical power. Once your power returns the backup generator will turn itself off automatically.

Rest assured that a backup power generator is a dependable solution that will take care of you and your home until power has been restored.

Best practice is have an installation and wiring of a backup generator for you home should be overseen by a licensed Dallas electrician from Berkeys.