New Year? New Pet? Treats For Your New (Or Old) Friend

This time of year in North Texas, we’re looking for new things to do and see. The holidays are over and we’re getting back into our regular routines. But, every now and then, we need a special treat to break up that routine. And our furry friends need that, too. So, Ben and Jerry’s have created a little splurge for them  The Star Telegram recently reported that the ice cream company has released two new flavors – just for dogs,

Ben & Jerry’s releases two new frozen treats — for dogs. Here’s what to know

Ben & Jerry’s desserts are no longer just for humans.

The Vermont ice cream company is releasing a line of Doggie Desserts — frozen treats made especially for dogs, the company announced Monday.

“We know our fans love their dogs and treat them like family,” Lindsay Bumps, Ben & Jerry’s marketing specialist and certified veterinary technician, said in a news release. “We created this product line so pups can enjoy something even better than belly rubs. Doggie Desserts are the sweetest treat they’ll ever put their paws on.”

The line boasts two flavors, both made with a sunflower butter base:

You may be wondering who are Pontch and Rosie? They’re both real dogs — a French bulldog and a rescue mutt — at Ben & Jerry’s headquarters in Vermont.

The company describes itself as a “dog-friendly workplace” which often has as many as 40 dogs keeping their owners company while they work.

Both Pontch’s Mix and Rosie’s Batch will be sold individually in 4-ounce Ben & Jerry’s cartons or as part of a four-pack at supermarkets and retailers nationwide as well as some pet stores, the company said.

Suggested retail prices are $2.99 and $4.99, respectively.

The release comes amid a major pandemic pet-adoption boom.

Shelter Animals Count tracks rescue activity at roughly 500 organizations across the U.S. and found there were 26,000 more pet adoptions in 2020 than in 2019, the Washington Post reported.

Psychologists say petting an animal can increase oxytocin levels in a manner similar to human touch, NPR reported.

“There are so many people that went from having a social life, to interacting with people through the day in person that had jobs, had regular schedules, went out in the evenings and on the weekends, and then all of a sudden none of that exists for people,” psychologist Lori Kogan told NPR. “And so their pets really help fill some of that void.”

The uptick in pet adoptions during the pandemic sparked response from retailers.

Walmart announced it would begin offering pet insurance and a service that connects pet-owners with dog-walkers and pet-sitters, CNBC reported. Online pet retailer Chewy launched virtual veterinarian visits in October.

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