Introducing Berkeys Automatic Messaging

Berkeys Automatic Messaging

At Berkeys we take your peace of mind and security serious, which is why we’re introducing a new feature for all customers: Berkeys Automatic Messaging. From now on, whenever you schedule an appointment with us, you will automatically receive either an email or text message to let you know not just who’s coming, but also what reviews they’ve received, their bio and a photo. This way you can be sure that you know who’s going to show up at your door.

After you’ve scheduled your appointment online or by phone, a customer service representative will contact you to finalized the time and date of your appointment at which point they’ll also ask you if you’d like to receive the technician arrival notification by email or text.

We take great pride in providing our customers with the best Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical repair and maintenance services in the DFW metroplex, and this is one more way for us to ensure your satisfaction. Thank you for choosing We’re There When You Need us!

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