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The concept of a good school varies based on what people are searching for; for example, some people may be interested in schools with strong athletic programs, while others may be interested in schools that are better at preparing children for higher education. Because viewpoint matters, independent organizations such as Niche offer ratings to schools, which are frequently used by parents in making decisions. However, you should double-check these evaluations with additional sources, such as a visit to the campus.

Because of the constant demand for certain neighborhoods, it’s not unexpected that places with highly ranked public schools have significantly higher property values. Checking out the nearby schools and their evaluations is a smart idea if you have children or plan to have them in the future. Walnut Grove Elementary School (#5 in metro) is one of the district’s two A+/A-rated public elementary schools. Middle schools in the district include Don T. Durham Intermediate School (#10 in metro), Carroll Middle School (#1 in metro), and Medlin Middle School (#192 in-state). The district has four A+/A rated public high schools: Carroll Senior High School (#3 in metro), Carroll High School (#35 in metro), and Byron Nelson High School (#129 in-state).

It’s crucial to pick a neighborhood with a consistent high school ranking. While the primary schools in the location you’re considering now may be excellent for your young children, it’s also important to consider the middle and high schools they’ll attend as they get older. Niche’s quality ratings for surrounding elementary, middle, and high schools are remarkably comparable. If you have children and want them to have a consistent educational experience as they grow up, this area could be a wonderful fit.


Access to neighboring parks, playgrounds, daycare centers, and highly rated preschools is critical for families with children. Meadowmere Park, Bicentennial Park, and Dove Park are among the parks and playgrounds in Clariden Ranch, Southlake. These playgrounds offer excellent leisure opportunities for both children and adults. During the summer, families can have a beautiful picnic in the shade or take a walk along the route as a weekend activity with the kids.

It is critical to be close to decent daycare centers, especially if the parents work full-time. Carpe Diem Private Preschool – Southlake, The Goddard School, Primrose School of Westlake at Entrada, and Primrose School at Hidden Lakes are among the daycare alternatives available to young families in Clariden Ranch, Southlake. It’s also advantageous to be close to urgent care centers like CareNow Urgent Care – Roanoke, Clinic 21 Southlake Urgent Care Center, and Texas Health Breeze Urgent Care.

The proximity of amenities can also influence whether or not a community is a decent place to live. A high walk score indicates that there are numerous businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, schools, and other amenities nearby. While the scores are far from ideal, they do provide a good indication of “things to do” in the area. Grocery stores, dining options, and parks are all things that can make a big difference in your daily life. Residents in Clariden Ranch, Southlake, have a wide range of food options.

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