Coventry Manor

Coventry Manor, located off SH 114 in eastern Southlake, is a posh community. The Dove Road and north White Chapel Boulevard entrances lead to Coventry Manor.

The neighborhood has a greenbelt, 105 homes, biking/walking paths, two private ponds with water features, and a park with a children’s playground. It was built in 1996 and the construction was completed in late 2000. Coventry Manor is a neighborhood that is maintained by a homeowners association.

Some Important Details

  • Home prices range from $660,000 to $1.27 million.
  • Annual HOA dues (estimated): $870
  • Gaylord Texan, Lake Grapevine, Downtown Grapevine, and Southlake Town Square are all nearby attractions.
  • Year of construction: 2000
  • (Estimated) number of homes: 105
  • 5,463 square feet on average

Coventry is a fun place to visit for a few days, especially if you want to keep busy. This dynamic town, just half an hour from Birmingham and two hours northwest of London, is jam-packed with fun things to do.

Top Attractions

Visitors to Coventry Cathedral are greeted by a stunning juxtaposition, inviting the visitors to the “new” church (established in 1960) and drinking up the past in the wrecked cathedral that sits beside it. The ancient cathedral is also known as The Church of St. Michael which was built on this location in 1918. Its majestic interior was soaked in magnificent elements of spiritual value, and its dramatic construction stood very high. Sadly, the church was destroyed along with several other city buildings, when it was destroyed by bombs on the city during WWII.

The area’s past as an automobile manufacturing center is reflected in the city’s top tourist attraction. The large collection of the Coventry Transport Museum was previously held in the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum. Since 1980, the museum’s large collection has been on display at its current location, which is ideally located in the city center. There are almost one million items, including images and publications, as well as one of the largest collections of publicly owned British automobiles, bikes, and motorcycles in the world.

Roaming around Coombe Abbey Park is the best job to do in Coventry Manor, but spring is particularly lovely. The bluebells bloom between mid-April to mid-May, shading the garden in the color of violet looks so beautiful, you’ll get the sensation as if you’ve stepped into a fairy tale. Bring a picnic lunch and spend the day walking on the 500-acre beauty. It has a glistening lake, lush woodland, and enthralling gardens. If you’re a bird-watcher, you’ll need a lot of space for all the images you’ll shoot, as well as binoculars.

At the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, you’ll get a small amount of everything. The spacious room is what happens when an art gallery and a history museum have a baby, and it’s one of Coventry’s top tourist attractions. This popular location is jam-packed with exhibitions, including historical and archaeological items, history of nature specimens, various types of art, and a full ancient history of Coventry Manor from the 1500s to the present.

The Enclave

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