New Kind Of Lunch Date

We love our animals in North Texas, There are so many parks, trails and lakes to share with our dogs. Get out with our dogs lets us enjoy the day and get some exercise. Some medical studies show that our overall health can improve when we are with our furry friends. We are more relaxed and content with our lives. And, we have a more positive perspective when we have a pet. Now, we can not only improve our own lives, we can improve the lives of the animals at the Ft. Worth Animal Shelter by taking a furry friend to lunch. 

Take Fido to Lunch? Ways to Aid Over-Capacity Fort Worth Shelter

Moral test: You wouldn’t ignore a four-legged pooch in need, would you?

Fort Worth shelters have an overflow problem and, well, they need your help. As of Tuesday afternoon, 658 animals in the custody at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control Center are wagging their tails at the thought of your company — that’s about 250 animals over capacity.

There’s plenty of opportunity to help outside of adoption, said Dr. Tim Morton, who helps with operations at the shelter. In fact, those willing to spend some time with some animals looking for a home provide a service to the shelter.

“Volunteers can help us learn more about the animals,” Morton said.

The shelter offers an Out-and-About program, an initiative to help find animals permanent homes and to learn more about how they behave. Those willing to spend a little more quality time with animals can also volunteer for the Slumber Party program, where they can take a pet home for a night.

Those interested can contact Jessica Brown, the shelter’s manager, at You can also simply take a stroll into the main facility at 4900 Martin Street, open from noon to 6 p.m. each day, and ask about the programs.

Adoption fees are reduced to $10 for all animals ahead of the shelter’s Mega Adoption event. Morton said larger-sized animals are in high numbers at the shelter, and those who could take them home will help lighten the shelter’s load.

The summer rendition of this event will be from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. June 29 to 30 at Will Rogers Coliseum, Cattle Barn 1. Admission is free, and each pet is spayed/neutered and has gotten its rabies/core vaccinations.

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