Better Products When Companies Work Together

Most homeowners make a big mistake while planning their kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. They think that products found in their local home improvements stores or on a few websites are their only options for their plumbing fixtures. But their search should not end there. Every homeowner needs to look to the future for their products, too. Every manufacturer is trying to develop products their customers will want to buy in the future. This means better materials, higher efficiency and even new popular color choices. It also means that sometimes, they join forces, as recently reported in Plumbing Magazine.

Moen partners with Nebia to develop shower innovations

Moen has partnered with Nebia, a Silicon Valley-based startup, to work together on shower innovations that will impact how people around the world enjoy and conserve water.

To kick off their relationship, on Feb. 12, Moen and Nebia launched the Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 on Kickstarter, the first of many collaborations between the companies.

This partnership includes joint product development and distribution plans. Moen is also leading a Series A investment in Nebia.

“Moen is changing the game when it comes to helping consumers better understand and appreciate water. Whether it’s partnerships like Nebia, or the development of new technologies, we’re using innovation and artful design to transform how people interact with this resource – and this is just the beginning,” said Mark-Hans Richer, senior vice president, chief marketing and innovation officer, Fortune Brands Global Plumbing Group.

This latest endeavor is a new and improved version of Nebia’s original spa shower and provides a hotter shower with the feeling of more pressure, while saving 65% of water compared to a conventional shower. It’s available in two brand-new finishes of high-grade powder coated aluminum, matte silver and matte black.

“We are on a mission to build a more sustainable future, by building products that people love to use. Moen has long been a leader in our industry and together we can bring meaningful innovation and provide even greater impact for people around the world. Nebia customers have already saved an estimated 100+ million gallons of water, and are on our way to saving 1 billion gallons in the next two years,” said Philip Winter, Nebia co-founder and CEO.

Earlier this year, Moen announced its partnership with another startup to offer more consumers ways to detect leaks and manage their water supply.

When you do begin looking for ideas and products for your remodeling project, take the time to research products that are coming out soon. Expanding your options to include those available  just around the corner can improve your planning and save you money.

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