Backup Generator Installation & Safety Tips

Backup Generator Installation & Safety Tips

How Important Does Backup Generator For Dallas Homeowners?

Have you been without electricity lately? It just takes once and you’ll understand the reason why having a standby generator is so important.Home standby generators are becoming more affordable for single family homeowners. The choices on where to buy are numerous.

Backup Generator Installation is Important for the Homeowners so they can prevent risk during black out.

Is a Standby Generator Right for You?

The next time a storm knocks out your power — again — you may find yourself thinking about a standby generator. Unlike a portable backup generator, which you store in the garage or shed and roll out during an emergency, a standby generator is permanently installed on a gravel bed or concrete pad next to your house. If the power goes out, an electronic switch automatically signals the unit to turn on, keeping essential household systems and appliances running even if you’re miles away.

A standby power system or backup generator equipment is used to provide electrical power during power outages or involuntary power reductions to ensure a continuous electrical supply. You can trust Envirotech Electrical Services for backup generator installation.  From a fully automatic backup generator system that uses natural gas or propane to a Generlink automatic transfer switch that utilizes a portable generator and allows control of an circuit in your panel up to 30A maximum usage, we have the solution for you.

According to a groundbreaking survey on emergency/backup power and power controls, a ‘nationwide sample of facilities executives shows wide gaps between what they have, what they want, and what they need.’ And even though many commercial facilities have either looked into or actually purchased emergency or backup power systems, these systems may not be equipped to handle a complete and/or prolonged loss of power.

Now is the time to assess your commercial facility and determine the steps necessary to guarantee your facility has access to the emergency generator power it might need in the event of a massive blackout. Some power outages, such as power failures from national grids, are not predictable. Even so, it should be expected that power grid failures will spontaneously and randomly occur at periodic, short intervals. While less common, complete blackouts do happen. When they do, they can last for extended periods of time and cause complete shutdowns of commercial facilities. Blackouts can essentially shut down a commercial facility’s operations for a prolonged period of time.

Backup Generator Safety Tips

Backup generators come in handy during long-term power outages. However, if you do not know how to use them properly, they can be dangerous. Safe Electricity has the following tips to use generators safely. Contact a qualified vendor or electrician to help you determine what generator is best-suited to your needs.Safe Electricity suggests that these safety guidelines and basic operating instructions be posted in the home and with the generator. Remember to read and follow manufacturer’s instructions with all your electronics. Call us (214) 238-8353 for your home service and repair needs.

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