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Here’s a plumbing question from a recent customer about flushing problems

“When I flush my toilet, some of the water drains, but it mainly swirls around and most of it stays in the bowl. Usually I have to flush 2 to 4 times to get it all down. What do you think the problem is?”

“This could be a variety of reasons or combination of issues in the main sewer drain but most likely a main line sewer stoppage”, Berkeys Plumber, Jeff S. says. “Other reasons could be clogged vents, a belly (rising of the drain/pipe due to roots or poorly installed lines), a collapsed drain, roots penetrating into the drain line, clogged siphon jets, old or poorly constructed toilets (home builder grade), improperly seated toilets or mineral build up.“

“But the only way to know for sure is to have a licensed plumber inspect the toilets and the main drain line, clear and clean it, video inspect it, and provide a true assessment and recommendations for repair or replacement”, says Jeff.

As part of your Berkeys drain cleaning service, your professional plumber will first locate and clear the clog by running a cable through the pipe and the clog to drain the standing water. Then they will use a blade that fits the pipe to make sure it is scoured and cleaned. This will prevent any further clogging. Once the pipe is cleaned, we use a patented vision camera, we check to see if the pipe is thoroughly clean and clear, or if there are any cracks, breaks, tree roots or other problems that need to be repaired. (This is optional and not available on all pipes depending on diameter and other variables).

If you need drain cleaning, sewer repair, or have a backed up sewer line or clogged drain, then this is the service you need. If for any reason the drain cannot be cleared (including your drain is not clean-out accessible), your Berkeys plumbing technician will be able to provide an evaluation of the problem with an estimate for repair.

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