Easy Ways to Conserve Hot Water and Save Money During the Summer

Water heating accounts for approximately 15 percent of your annual energy bill, and every gallon you conserve is less money spent on utility costs. Take a look at these plumbing maintenance tips to save money this summer:

Fix Leaks

According to the USGS, just one faucet dripping every three seconds can send nearly two gallons of water down the drain every day. A leaky toilet—the biggest water-using appliance in your home—can waste over 20.000 gallons of water every month. If you notice any signs of plumbing leaks such as mold, a musty odor, water damage, or sounds of running water when everything is turned off, then contact a professional plumber immediately. 

Install Low-Flow Fixtures

A simple and cost-effective way to reduce hot water usage is by installing low-flow sink and showerhead fixtures. Look for devices with the EPA WaterSense seal, which means they have been independently tested and certified to use less water than traditional fixtures. If you have issues with hard water deposits on existing low-flow fixtures, then a quick scrub with vinegar or lemon juice will keep them working like new.

Use Appliances Efficiently

If your old appliances are not performing as well as they used to, then it may be time to invest in an Energy Star or WaterSense unit. You’ll start to see the savings immediately on major appliances like new HVAC units, water heaters, and toilets, not to mention available tax credits to offset replacement costs. You can control water and energy usage by only using the dishwasher and clothes washer when they’re full, wrapping the water heater tank in an insulating blanket, and also by turning the thermostat on the water heater down to 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whether you’re in need of major plumbing repairs, professional appliance installation, or routine maintenance for your home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we here at Berkeys Air Conditioning & Plumbing are available to provide award-winning services. Visit us online to see our products, services, and credentials, or call (817) 481-5869 today to schedule service.


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