Berkeys 4-Step Drain Cleaning Process Guarantees a Free Flowing Drain or Sewer Line for Two Full Years

Berkeys Plumbers Use 4-Step Process to Clear and Clean Drain or Sewer Lines – Diminishing Clog Recurrence

SOUTHLAKE, TX – June 27, 2012 – Berkeys, a leading provider of air conditioning and plumbing services to homeowners in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metro area, today announced that it provides a 4-Step Drain Cleaning Process which significantly reduces the potential for future clogs.

Berkeys 4-Step Drain Cleaning Process:

    1. A licensed Berkeys plumber will clear a clog at its origination, whether it is inside or outside of a home.
    2. Next, the plumber will use special technology to blast the drain or sewer line clean. This eliminates remaining debris that can cause a line to clog again.
    3. Thirdly, the plumber inserts a patented vision camera into the drain or sewer line. Via the visual information collected, the plumber can determine if a pipe is thoroughly clear and clean.
    4. Finally, Berkeys guarantees that the drain or sewer line will remain clog free for two full years or the company will return and unclog the line for free!*

*This guarantee only applies to drain or sewer lines that have been inspected and cleared by Berkeys vision camera and show no other signs of damage from tree roots, cave-ins, or other major problems. If the vision camera inspection shows a problem such as tree roots growing into a drain line, a caved-in sewer line, mud blocking the way, or even cracks in the line, these issues need to be addressed. These larger issues do not qualify for the guarantee.

“Our mission is to create remarkably satisfied customers whose experience leads them to actively refer family, friends, neighbors, and associates to Berkeys,” stated Jamie Wooldridge, CEO Berkeys. “We want customers ‘for life,’ and the way to do that is to create services that address common issues and then deliver them with unsurpassed expertise.”

About Berkeys

For over 35 years, Berkeys has been providing quality air conditioning, heating, and plumbing services to homeowners in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex. Most recently, Berkeys has extended services to Frisco, Plano, McKinney, and Allen.

Berkeys plumbers have passed rigorous state plumbing examinations and are licensed by the State of Texas. They understand the complexity of state plumbing codes all the way down to local requirements. Berkeys licensed HVAC technicians are experts in the latest air conditioning technology and green innovations, including the installation of Energy Star certified products and the use of Ozone friendly refrigerants.

The BAM Plan ensures home systems continuously operate safely and at peak efficiency. The key differentiator of the BAM Plan is an 11-point inspection of a home’s plumbing system, including a check for underground leaks that can cause a home’s foundation to shift and crack. Over 12,000 tune-ups were performed for customers in 2011.

Berkeys maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has led the field in area newspapers’ readers’ favorite polls. For more information, visit