Preventive Plumbing Service Helping Homeowners Avoid Costly Plumbing Repairs

Southlake, TX – May 28, 2010 – Most homeowners call a plumber only when they have a problem so big they no longer can ignore it – when a slow drain stops up completely or low water pressure turns out to be the result of a slab leak, for example.

Jamie Wooldridge says that is the expensive way to hire a plumber, and he is on a mission to change the way people think about plumbing service by declaring June Preventive Plumbing Month in North Texas. He says that, as with maintaining good personal health, or keeping the family car running right, prevention plays a big role in preventing expensive plumbing repairs.

“It’s odd that people who get annual physical exams and have the family car maintained regularly never connect the word ‘preventive’ with plumbing,” Wooldridge said. “We’ve been working to change that, and now we see the needle moving in the right direction.”

Wooldridge, president of Berkeys Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., is putting his money where his mouth is, offering preventive plumbing inspections to customers at less than the cost of a regular plumbing service call.

Berkeys plumbers perform an 11-point inspection of a home’s plumbing system that includes examining and testing:

  • Operation of all under-cabinet water supplies
  • All exposed drain lines for leaks
  • Flush adjustment on all toilets
  • Adjusting handles on all faucets
  • Water heater installation
  • Water pressure
  • Garbage disposal operation
  • Tub and shower drains
  • Outside hose bibs for leaks
  • Cleaning out drain lines under sinks
  • Gas lines for leaks

The services costs $79 if purchased alone, but most customers get it as part of the company’s Universal Protection Plan, an innovative service agreement that bundles tune-ups on all of a home’s central air and heating systems, spring and fall, with an annual plumbing tune up, all for $99.

“We still have more people who get AC and heating tune-ups because they have been conditioned to think that way by the industry,” Wooldridge said. “The plumbing industry hasn’t advocated prevention the way the air conditioning industry has, but that’s changing now, and we’re glad to be leading the charge.”

How important can preventive plumbing service be? A small leak beneath a house can cause the foundation or slab to shift and crack, breaking water lines, resulting in a flooded house. That kind of problem can cost thousands of dollars in damages in addition to the plumbing repair.

“We can’t prevent everything, but we catch a lot of critical issues with this kind of plumbing service,” Wooldridge said. “It just makes sense to find these things early, so we can work on prevention instead of repair.”

About Berkeys

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