Facts about WhoaZone at Grapevine

WhoaZone is located on Lake Grapevine in Meadowmere Park, Southlake. It is a gigantic floating playground and the best way to cool off this summer. WhoaZone offers a full day of family fun with an action-packed floating ninja course. You can visit WhoaZoneGrapevine.com to get your season pass for summer 2022 when it comes to things to see and do in Grapevine. You can enjoy it with your kids and family members at the WhoaZone which makes your day memorable.

You can enjoy the temperature with your kids and parents. WhoaZone since it opened on June 24. It is located along the East Beach coast of Grapevine, and the inflatable water obstacle course is more complicated than the typical water slides of WhoaZone.

You can use the stairs, climbing walls, and even high jumps. Inflatable rides make even the most balanced child glide and slide. The course starts with a low-level platform. But soon, guests were greeted with narrow bridges and logs to run across. On Wednesday, in the heat of the waves, children climbed to the top of the mountain and landed in the cold water. 

From a distance, the golf course seems relatively peaceful. But as the others jump around, the floats will sway, and Next up is the real test of balance. WhoaZone is slated to open this weekend, according to the website, and the weather should team up. The temperatures are expected to be in the high 70s, and there will be plenty of sunshine and good winds.

The Inflatable Floating Obstacle Course debuted in town in 2019 and featured large, colorful bearings, slides, trampolines, and balance beams. The 30,000 square-feet water playground is the largest in the state, even though the inflatable obstacle course might look the same. But the company that manages the park is new. 

The new operator WhoaZone operates inflatable floating parks in Michigan, Texas, Indiana, and Ohio to ensure the safety of the park. The water park is staffed by certified lifeguards along the way. And all participants must wear life jackets issued for the water park as stated on the website. The park is for swimmers only according to park rules.

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