Things You Mightn’t Have Known About West Dallas?

Driving from downtown to West Dallas got a great deal grander 5 years ago. An impressive white arc reaching 400 feet high makes the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge a spot that defines a city. The bridge, created by Santiago Calatrava, is streamlined as well as quickly; you zip throughout the Trinity River with the Dallas skyline in your rearview, as well as dead ahead: a dining establishment capital.


In the ’20s as well as ’30s, West Dallas was unincorporated.

The majority of the streets were unpaved. It did not have sewage systems. It did not have, in lots of areas, running water.

The Dallas Morning wrote the definitive book on Benny Binion, the Dallas racketeer who started the World Series of Texas Hold’em. When Binion required a bad guy? He would hire in West Dallas.

They were found in from the countryside as well as they didn’t have a place to go. To make sure that’s where they wound up. And also, it was a really fertile ground for the criminal task due to that.

You may have heard of at the least one certain pair of those wrongdoers: Bonnie Parker as well as Clyde Barrow.

Due to the fact that law-breaking paid well and real work was tough to find, some folks turned to a criminal offense in despair. Bonnie as well as Clyde and the gang may have been amongst the most infamous West Dallas hooligans. But they weren’t the only ones.

That’s the method it happened with a lot of individuals. There was too much money in criminal offenses, as well as inadequate money in more legit searches.


Throughout World War II, the North Texas economic situation became great. Individuals discovered work, typically with defense professionals, as well as the swirling criminal offense scene calmed down.

It was the economic situation in other places that assisted to pull people out of West Dallas, sadly West Dallas still got left behind.

This was after all component of town called “The Devil’s Backdoor.”

The city ultimately annexed West Dallas in 1954. After that came a substantial real estate job, recognized for ruthless living problems as well as nicknamed the monolith to destitution.

The largest monument there may have been a large plant that reused old vehicle batteries. It was an economic magnet, attracting Latino workers and their family members, as well as it was an environmental problem. Lead seeped into the water, air, as well as soil, poisoning children for years.

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