Get Detail Information About The Lake Grapevine

Lake Grapevine is situated in the center of Southlake, Dallas /fort on the northern border of Grapevine city. This lake covers around 8000 acres and has become more welcome and highly enjoyable outdoor activities in the part of Dallas. This lake was impounded in 1952 with the help of the US army corps of engineers. It is a freshwater lake that acts as flood control and the water reservoir of areas. In addition, these lakes offer natural land areas and recreation.

 Act as an important water source:

Dallas people manage the crops and other common things by using this lake. It is suitable for fishing, boating and hiking, and much more. This lake name is derived from the city of Grapevine, Texas, that the lake is adjacent to. This lake is considered as an extensive floodway system that operated finely to cut down the flooding along the Trinity River flood plain. This lake has three municipalities: Grapevine, Dallas Country Park, and Dallas. Therefore people can plan a short weekend trip to this lake and spend time with nature and other water sports.

 Boat ramps:

 The lake has a boat ramp that connects with the different sports, and it is open for public use and situated with the marina. It has yearly passed for the residential areas of up to $35, and for the nonresident, it charges at $75%. To buy annual passes, you are suggested to meet at Meadow Mere Park. This lake is located by the great parks where you can spend time with family and friends. At the same time, some other special features with a free and small fee too. I hope it is one of the important places where you can plan an outdoor trip for the weekend. It has a total capacity of 181 acre-feet, and the overall surface area is up to 7,280 acres. 

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