Home Surge Protection Dallas / Fort Worth “Berkeys Whole House Surge Protection”

Residential surge protection has long been viewed as an important safety consideration and guidance has been issued in the past to help homeowners protect their house and its contents. This protection has often been described as being similar to an insurance policy, partly because there is not an NFPA code requirement for SPD installation in residences. Today’s residences often contain electronic equipment throughout, including appliances, computers, security systems, life safety equipment, automation systems for internet-enabled applications, and home entertainment systems.

Expensive Items At Risk:

  • Televisions & Computers; Washers & Dryers; Refrigerators
  • Anything Connected to Outlets; Smart Phones; Tablets; Laptops
  • Security Systems; Fuse Boxes

Ask about an In-Home Assessment and Estimate for safeguarding your home from power & lightning surge.