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Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Keep Tabs On Your Home From Anywhere?

There’s living, and there’s living wisely. In our fast-moving, non-stop world it’s easy to lose sight of that. There are always things to keep track of and to manage. Call today at 877-746-6855 and ask about a Demo and FREE Estimate from one of our licensed electricians.

Meet Wiser

Wiser Energy™ from Square D™ is an integral part of any smart home. It helps you keep tabs on your home by notifying you when devices are ON or OFF, and monitors home energy usage in real time, for a safer and more efficient home.

Wiser App Features

  • Keep tabs on your homes’ electrical activity from anywhere
  • Gain insights into your energy use for greater savings
  • Get mobile alerts when appliances turn ON or OFF
  • Take control of your energy through smart device integration with Amazon Alexa®, Google Home™, Philips Hue, Wemo® Insight, Kasa™ HS110 smart plugs and more
  • Optimize your solar installation by monitoring its production

Simple, Powerful App

In using the Square D edition of the Sense app, The Wiser Energy system provides homeowners with the knowledge they need to keep their homes safe and efficient.

Wiser App Main Screen

24/7 access
See what’s on in your home at any time, from anywhere. With 24/7 access to your home, you can turn your appliances into smart appliances at once.

Wiser App Notifications

Create custom notifications, letting you know when things turn on/off. Like when your garage door opens, when your dryer turns off, or if you leave a curling iron plugged in.

Wiser App Trends

Set energy usage goals, estimate your monthly energy bills, and take proactive action to cut down on your energy waste. If your home is solar equipped, you can view solar generation, and monitor your return on investment.

Energy Management

There’s no reason your home’s electrical bill should be a mystery. Gain a little insight to manage your energy better and keep the household budget on track. With the Wiser Energy system you will see where your money goes and easily spot the inefficiencies that increase your expenses. The Wiser Energy system will help you take advantage of cheaper, off-peak energy and make the most of your solar power installation.

Is home safety your main concern? The Wiser Energy system detects electrical use and sends you notifications via the app, like when your garage door opens, or when you leave a curling iron plugged in. A growing list of smart device integrations including Philips Hue, Wemo Insight and Kasa smartplugs enable the ability to take action directly within the app.

Wiser App Usage

Usage Trends
See energy usage trends and create goals with the intuitive, easy to use app

Wiser App Lamp Stats

Control Your Smart Devices
Control certain connected devices easily from anywhere at anytime

Easy Installation

Wiser Energy Monitor Installed

Installing the Wiser Energy system is simple, quick and straightforward. Once the Wiser Energy unit is installed in your home’s electrical panel by a certified electrician, and connected to your wifi, setting up the app takes only minutes. Over time, through crowd sourcing and using machine learning, the app senses electrical activity and identifies your electrical devices. Once your devices are identified, you’ll have crystal clear insight into your energy use. Now your home has a voice! Call today at 877-746-6855 or for a FREE Installation Estimate or request your Wiser App Installation online »