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Reliable and Professional Plumbing Services in Garland, TX

Since 2003, Berkeys plumbing has been serving the Garland area with professionalism and dedication. Our licensed and highly trained plumbers can tackle and issue you might have, from the bathroom to the kitchen. If you are the unfortunate victim of a plumbing emergency, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help solve your problem fast. The faster a plumbing emergency is fixed, the less damage there will be to your home. There are a lot of businesses in Garland, and we take pride that our customers trust us enough to refer us to their friends and families.

Water Heaters

No matter what type of water heater you have, it is important to have it inspected and serviced on a regular schedule. If not, then it may suddenly stop running, which means you may end up taking a cold shower. Berkeys can schedule an appointment for one of our experts to come and evaluate your water heater and check for any issues. If you need a replacement heater, we can advise you on finding the right product for you home. We always place a premium on energy efficiency and performance. That way, you can get a great product while also saving money on energy bills down the road.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are not the common kind of heater, but they are getting more popular every day. They allow you to heat your water without the use of a large tank. They last longer and provide much better energy efficiency. Since they are so durable, they come with a longer warranty period. You will also see a significant drop in your energy bills. Sleep soundly knowing that your unit is protected in case of any issues and that you are saving money every time it functions.

Hot Water Heater Servicing in Garland, TX

In Garland, there is no better place to call for your water heater repair and installation needs than Berkeys. We work both tankless and tanked water heaters. Traditional water heaters store and heat the water in a tank, and keep it heated until it is used. Our experts can help you chose the perfect product for your home, and even install it and service it. Give Berkeys a call today to get your hot water flowing again.

Pipe Replacement

Repiping is an important part of keeping your plumbing system running smoothly. If your water pressure has recently dropped, or if you have trouble using multiple faucets at a time, then it could be because your pipes are starting to get rusty. Repiping means that those old pipes will be replaced with modern ones. That way, your water pressure can return to normal and you should have no issues using more than one fixture. Your water quality can also suffer when you have rusty pipes, so replacing them will improve your water. Repiping is not a simple process, so call the professionals at Berkeys to have it done right.

Plumbing Service Around the Clock

Plumbing emergencies are certainly no fun. They can throw your entire home into chaos and leave you scrambling trying to stop the problem from getting worse. Berkeys has 24/7 service so that a licensed plumber can be at your door quickly to get everything fixed fast. Our plumbers all undergo a thorough background check and are certified in the State of Texas. With a Berkeys Club membership, you can receive an annual inspection every year to help prevent emergency situations. By having an inspection, you will have an expert eye checking your system for problems or concern. They can then fix those problems before they develop into something big.

Annual Inspections

Regular inspections are a vital part of keeping your plumbing system working properly. Our inspectors can evaluate your system for anything that might cause a problem now or in the future. They can then take the time to repair small problems before they get too big. Oftentimes, those emergency situations had actually built up over time. Not only do you receive an inspection every year, but you also get a 15% discount on any repairs that you need.

Clogged Drain Service

More often than not, you can clear out a clogged drain on your own. However, there are times when a clog just simply won’t be moved. When that is the case, you should contact the professionals at Berkeys. Ignoring a clog may seem like no big deal, but it can certainly turn into one if not dealt with. Sometimes, the clog is merely a sign of a larger problem that should be handled. This underlying issue may be more complicated than a simple clog, and you need expert help. Call Berkeys, and our clog experts can come and clear your drain quickly while also fixing any underlying issues.

Hydro Jetting

Clogs and blockages can be caused by any number of things. It may be a build-up of sludge or grease. If could be food that has gone down the drain. It may even be a tree root that has started to grow into the pipe. Sometimes a blockage needs a special technique to get cleared. Hydro jetting is the process of using high-pressure water to rush through the pipes and knock through any blockages. This procedure should only be handled by a trained professional, so call Berkeys for help with a blockage that might need hydro jetting.

Sewer Lines

The sewer line plays an important role in your plumbing system. It directs dirty water away from your home into the sewer system. An issue in your sewer line means that you could have sewage backing up into your home. Berkeys offers a full line of sewer line services. These include cleaning, repairing, replacement, and inspection. Contact Berkeys today to service your sewer line and keep sewage flowing away from your home.

Plumbing Preventive Maintenance and Repair


When you join Berkeys Club, you can rest assured that you are covered when it comes to any plumbing problems you may experience throughout the year.

We take care of our members’ homes as if they were our own, only sending drug-tested, background-checked, and professionally-trained technicians into your home.


“Extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable and of great help. Not only did a fabulous job of inspecting, provided some great tips on routine maintenance I can be doing to prevent future issues. Was also able to identify and correct an issue I didn't even know about with a plumbing related product. Extremely happy, and thanks!”

- Plumbing, in Fort Worth on Sep 29th, 2018

“Jake was great. He explained everything as he did the work so I would be familiar with the process.”

- Plumbing, in Dallas on Sep 29th, 2018

“Dewayne Wallace is very good and knows his work. He presents things very positively.”

- Plumbing, in Coppell on Sep 28th, 2018

“The 2 tech's were very professional. Explained everything they were doing. They also gave me several tips on improving my water system.”

- Plumbing, in Keller on Sep 28th, 2018

“Zach did a wonderful job of follow up and was very knowledgeable with my questions. He truly gave me confidence in the job and Kelly also worked hard at getting us into the schedule as soon as possible.”

- Plumbing, in Highland Village on Sep 28th, 2018

“After two other plumbers gave their best to fix my problem, Keith was able to fix it in about 15 minutes. A problem with the flappers. No parts replaced and no new toilet. Yeah for Keith.”

- Plumbing, in Southlake on Sep 27th, 2018

“He did a good job finding the emergency shutoff system where the leak was and the repair team fixed the problem. Very happy!”

- Plumbing, in Dallas on Sep 27th, 2018

“Scotty provided excellent service for my toilet repair. He explained the issue, provided me with options, and was very friendly and professional! 5 stars!!”

- Plumbing, in Frisco on Sep 27th, 2018

“Very knowledgeable and very courteous. We highly recommend Berkeys and Phil!”

- Plumbing, in Argyle on Sep 27th, 2018

“Arrived timely, worked quickly and neatly, responsive to questions. Thanks!”

- Plumbing, in Southlake on Sep 26th, 2018

“He ordered parts to complete the job. Will return later in week.”

- Plumbing, in Southlake on Sep 26th, 2018

“Phil was great. Every experience weve had with Berkeys has been excellent.”

- Plumbing, in Plano on Sep 26th, 2018

“Replaced a seal in the toilet. Very cordial and professional.”

- Plumbing, in Trophy Club on Sep 26th, 2018

“Super nice guy. Thorough and efficient. Whats not to like? Its technicians like Dewayne that keep me as a Berkeys customer.”

- Plumbing, in Grapevine on Sep 26th, 2018

“This was a call back as the first technician did an inadequate job. Phil was professional and totally redid the work very satisfactorily! He was quick and returned to Berkeys tonget the extra supplies he needed to do a proper job. I will keep Phils cars and try to always select him if he is available.”

- Plumbing, in Grapevine on Sep 26th, 2018

“Dewayne was great! Very knowledgeable and professional.”

- Plumbing, in Colleyville on Sep 25th, 2018

“Great job, Dwayne was very nice and professional, he explained the water heater system and checked it out completely. Thanks Duane”

- Plumbing, in The Colony on Sep 25th, 2018
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