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Licensed Electricians in Flower Mound, TX

Whenever you need a licensed electrician in Flower Mound, Texas, call Berkeys. We have technicians and customer service representatives available 24/7 to ensure all of our customers are 100% satisfied with our work.

Electrical malfunctions can be very dangerous for everyone in and around your home, that’s why Berkeys is dedicated to getting your electrical system up and running correctly. Whether your issue is big or small, Berkeys works 24/7 to help you.

Berkeys has been proudly serving the Flower Mound area since 1975. Berkeys has been voted by subscribers of magazines such as Southlake Journal, Southlake Style and Living Magazine as the Best of the Best for Plumbing, Air Conditioning and Electrical contractors in the area.

Berkeys’ Electrical Services

  • Equipment Repair/Installation
  • Grounding Systems
  • Fire Marshall/Code Correction
  • Outdoor/Landscape Lighting
  • Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Meter Bases
  • Lighting Design and Repair
  • Electrical Safety Check
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Electric Panels/Breaker Boxes
  • Surge Protectors
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Light Switches
  • Backup Home Generators
  • Breakers and Fuses
  • GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter) Outlets
  • Track Lighting
  • ARC-Fault Breakers
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These are only a few of the services we offer. If the service you need isn’t on the list above, we may still offer the service you need.

Electric Panel Installation

Your home’s electrical panel (also known as breaker box) is an essential part of your home. Its main responsibility is to distribute electricity throughout your home. Once your electrical panel is old it will start to break down. These older panels are incapable of handling the higher electrical demands of newer technology. Inadequate breaker boxes could cause overloaded circuits. This is a major safety hazard for those in your home. If you’ve noticed any tripping, bad odor, dimming or flickering lights, and rust or corrosion from your electrical panel, it could be time to upgrade. Remember that electrical panel malfunctions can be dangerous. If you notice anything unusual, call Berkeys for your Electrical Panel services.

GFCI Outlet Services

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter), are outlets that are able to help prevent electrical shocks. These outlets also help prevent house fires that cannot be prevented by other kinds of electrical outlets. GFCIs immediately shut off an electric power circuit if it detects a current traveling along the wrong route, such as through water or an individual.

Make sure to test your GFCIs regularly. To test them, press the “test” button located next to the “reset” button. If the power does not turn off then your GFCI is not working properly. If this happens, replace them as soon as possible. GFCIs are designed to keep you safe so make sure they’re working correctly.

Outdoor & Landscape Lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting is a huge upgrade to the outside of your home. Not only does landscape lighting help your home look better but it also helps make it safer. Bright homes can scare away criminals from potentially targeting your house. After your landscape lighting has been installed, homeowners must do their part in maintaining it. Ensure everything is kept clean and free of debris to prevent anything from overheating. Always replace any burned-out bulbs as soon as you see them. Call Berkeys today to schedule an electrician for a landscape lighting consultation and estimate.

Electrical Safety Guidelines

Having electricity in our homes makes our lives much easier. But if you don’t follow some safety guidelines electricity can become extremely dangerous. The majority of electrical house fires and electrocutions can be completely avoided by following some electrical safety guidelines:

  • Never cover up extension cords with carpet
  • Never use extension cords for permanent use
  • Replace damaged cords immediately
  • Extinguish electrical fires with a fire extinguisher, not water
  • Schedule yearly electrical safety checks
  • Unplug appliances that emit sparks
  • Tamper-proof receptacles are great for protection against shocks
  • Use these safety guidelines to keep everyone safe.
  • Home Surge Protectors

Power Surges can cause significant damage to your home and electronic products. Home Surge Protectors help you avoid that damage. A power surge is a spike in the electrical current of your home. It can be caused by incorrectly installed wiring, issues with utilities, or lightning. Surge protectors prevent power surges by only allow the electricity your home needs to run. This helps prevent damage to your home and electronics. These home surge protectors protect your home from a lot more damage than typical surge protectors. Call Berkeys today to schedule an appointment.

Ceiling Fan Services and Installation

Before you purchase or install a ceiling fan, make sure you get the perfect one for your room. First, you must get the correct size fan. For the installation of a fan in a small room (8’ x 10’) we suggest a 30-inch fan. 42-inch ceiling fans are recommended for medium-sized rooms (12’ x 12’) and large rooms (18’ x 20’) should have a 52-inch ceiling fan. For everyone’s safety, we recommend never installing a ceiling fan directly above a sleeping area. The blades of your ceiling fan should be at least 8 inches from the ceiling, 8 to 9 feet off the floors and at least 18 inches any wall. Call Berkeys to schedule a licensed technician for your ceiling fan installation.

Electrical Rewiring

A lot of the electrical wiring being used in older homes can be very old. Even many modern homes are built using cheaper grade electrical wiring to lower expenses. Cheaper and older electrical wiring may be incapable of handling the electrical demands of modern electronics. Many house fires are caused by issues with your electrical wiring. Rewiring will help prevent many electrical hazards.

These warning signs will let you know your home could benefit from electrical rewiring:

  • Circuit breakers constantly fail
  • Aluminum wiring is a major fire hazard
  • Sensing any vibrations, buzzes or shocks when switching on appliances
  • Flickering or dimming lights while using appliances
  • Loose Electrical outlets
  • Old Electrical Wiring
  • Burning Odor from Outlets

If you’ve experienced any of these warning signs in your home, or anything out of the ordinary, call a licensed electrician. Take care of these electrical problems before they cause serious damage to you or your home.

LED Lighting for Your Home

LED lighting is now very popular. LED lights look better, save energy and have a much longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. LED light bulbs are a little pricier than other bulbs up front. However, their long-life span, better quality, and energy savings make LED lights a better choice over the long haul. LED bulbs are a “directional” light source. These light sources point light in a single direction, rather than multiple directions such as incandescent bulbs. This is one of the things that helps LED bulbs to conserve energy. LED lights also give off less heat than traditional bulbs. LED bulbs will help your home look elegant and lower your costs in the long haul! Call Berkeys to schedule a licensed electrician consultation.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You need smoke and carbon monoxide detectors working properly in your home for the sake of everyone’s safety. We recommend having multiple smoke and CO detectors around your house. You need a smoke detector in every bedroom. Place CO detectors close to sleeping areas but at least 10 feet away from your stove as a way of preventing false alarms. Berkeys recommends changing the batteries of your CO detector annually to keep them working properly. Homeowners should upgrade their CO detectors every 5-7 years and upgrade their smoke detectors every 10 years. Berkeys offers many Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector services.

To hire a licensed electrician in Flower Mound, Texas, 75022, 75027, 75028, 76051, 76226, and 76262 call Berkeys, a Licensed Electrical Company.