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What’s In Your Water?

Berkeys has Customizable Whole-Home Water Quality Products for You

Local water treatment plants are designed to provide filtered water up to a certain standard, but as we all know this can only go so far. In many cases, impurities will still reach your home and can cause a number of issues such as brittle pipes, clogs or even a leaky and inefficient plumbing system. These impurities can travel to your home and may contain unwanted minerals and pesticides which can be harmful to your health and your home’s plumbing.

Protect your home from these common issues with a Berkeys water filtration system:

  • Eliminate that “slimy” feel when washing
  • Cleaner, healthier skin
  • Longer-lasting appliances
  • Drinking water, right from the tap
  • Reduce bottled water and save money

Save $200 on Purchase & Installation of a Whole-Home Water Filtration System:


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