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Water Heater Changes after April 16th

This article originally appeared on Community Impact Newspaper on April 13th, 2015. Re-posted with permission: Federal regulations go into effect on April 16 which require water heaters to be more efficient than they currently are. “Water heaters are pretty inefficient,” said Jamie Wooldridge, president of Berkeys Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical in Southlake. “Water heating is […]

Save Water AND Energy With A Hot Water Recirculation Pump

Clean water is one of our most valuable resources and it shouldn’t be wasted – especially waiting for the hot water to reach your faucet. With a rapidly expanding population and droughts occurring frequently and lasting longer, saving water and energy is becoming more important. Homes with long pipes running from the water heater to […]

Preventative Measures for Homes

Prevent the need for major maintenance in the first place by taking preventative measures.  Berkeys Air Conditioning & Plumbing has great recommendations for keeping your plumbing in top shape. (Read More)

Some Home Improvement Projects Need A Professional

Many homeowners get a thrill out of tackling DIY projects. But, certain projects are to much to handle without professional help. They can actually end up costing significantly more money than hiring a trained professional.  Save time and money by learning which DIY projects to avoid. (Read More)

Investing In A Water Heater? It Might Be Time To Go Tank-less

There comes a time when your appliances sputter to the end of their life. Once your water heater has given it’s last gasp, you may have to make a quick decision for a replacement.  If you do your research ahead of time, you won’t miss out on some of your energy efficient and money saving […]

Energy Saving Tips For Your Kitchen Just In Time For The Holidays

We spend a lot of money for the winter holidays – parties, family dinners, toys from Santa and the list goes on and on. When holiday time rolls around, your energy bills can skyrocket with your stove, oven, and dishwasher running overtime. Not to mention, the door to your refrigerator standing open as people search […]

Prevent Frozen Pipes – Don’t Get Caught With Your Pipes Exposed

There are some experiences most people never want to have. A plumbing leak or break is probably on that list. The aggravation and cost of fixing the pipe itself is bad enough, but there’s also the damage the burst pipe does to the rest of our home. Walls, ceilings, or floors have to be replaced. […]

Water Heaters – Which One Is The Right One?

There’s nothing worse than jumping into the shower and finding out the cold way that your water heater isn’t big enough for your family or worse – broken. The water coming into your home from underground pipes is usually cold (or glacial depending on the time of year). To have water warm enough to take a shower […]

Ready To Dispose Of Your Garbage Disposal?

Sometimes, funny things happen at the worst time. Having attempted a new recipe for dinner (and failed miserably), we dumped the whole horrible mess into the sink and turned on the garbage disposal. A skull splitting grinding noise erupted from the sink along with a volcano of pulverized food. The veggie massacre was complete – […]

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