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Useful Tip For Your Car This Summer

Most of us love living on the Texas Gulf Coast. We love being near so many beaches and outdoor adventures. But, one thing we don’t love is the sticky, extreme heat. Getting into your car at the end of the day can be brutal. But, here’s a hint too help you out this summer.  Most […]

Let’s Go Swim, DFW!

Now that Texas is returning to its normal, hit and humid summery weather, we are all looking for a place to get out of the house. Somewhere to get away from the hot concrete. And, somewhere to cool off. We;;, the Houston Chronicle has some good suggestions for us. These underrated Texas swimming holes will […]

Just Curious, DFW

Have you ever wondered if your neighborhood folklore was true? Or wondered about where a street name came from when you’re stuck in traffic? Well, the Dallas Morning News just might have the answer. Curious Texas has a team to investigate the things we wonder about the culture, people and institutions of North Texas.  Dallas […]

Energy Efficiency and Upgrades

Texas’ buildings waste a massive amount of energy. Two-thirds of our homes predate a statewide building code and lack adequate insulation. As if that wasn’t bad enough, over time, our HVAC units, our plumbing and our electrical systems all become less efficient and need to be replaced. The benefits of replacement for efficiency and money […]

Top How-to Questions During a Hard Freeze: Pipes, Water Heaters, Tankless Heaters

Most Important Plumbing, Water Heater and Tankless “How To’s” After A Hard Freeze Below are some of the most common Plumbing FAQ’s following a hard-freeze. Due to overwhelming call volume, these DIY tips can help you right away until a licensed plumber can get to your home for a full evaluation and fix. You should […]

Stay Warm, North Texas

This week, every county in Texas is facing temperatures we haven’t seen in decades, but the weather patterns pushing the frigid air started back in early January. The low in North Texas today could drop to 1 degree and wind chill values could plunge below zero. The last time Dallas-Fort Worth saw temperatures this cold […]

Membership Has Its Privileges

When you buy a house, you also buy the problems that go with it, like an aging HVAC system or hard water issues.  Even trees that are planted too close to the house can cause plumbing and foundation issues. Every homeowner needs to have a reliable, efficient, and professional home service company that can address […]

Why does Dallas exist?

We are surrounded by history in North Texas. Some very famous people had enormous influence inTexas, like Bonnie and Clyde or Charles Goodnight. Others, we might not be so familiar with. The Dallas Morning News has a column that can answer our questions that we’ve always wondered about. This week’s question notes the unique beginning […]

Get To know Your Customer Day

In north Texas, there are many, many people and businesses. So, there are many choices homeowners have to make to maintain their homes properly. One of those choices is finding the right home service company to ensure your HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems are operating properly and safely. At Berkeys, we want your experience with […]

New Year? New Pet? Treats For Your New (Or Old) Friend

This time of year in North Texas, we’re looking for new things to do and see. The holidays are over and we’re getting back into our regular routines. But, every now and then, we need a special treat to break up that routine. And our furry friends need that, too. So, Ben and Jerry’s have […]