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Ready To Dispose Of Your Garbage Disposal?

Sometimes, funny things happen at the worst time. Having attempted a new recipe for dinner (and failed miserably), we dumped the whole horrible mess into the sink and turned on the garbage disposal. A skull splitting grinding noise erupted from the sink along with a volcano of pulverized food. The veggie massacre was complete – […]

Factors That Might Be Destroying Your Sewer Line

There’s nothing worse than dealing with a sewer line problem. Sewer lines play a critical role in your home’s plumbing system as they transport your home’s wastewater to the sewer main. When your sewer line leaks or breaks, the results can be catastrophic and pose a health risk to your family and the community at […]

Avoid Drain Backups by Keeping These Things out of Your Sinks and Toilets

Drain backups can be inconvenient and costly. Fortunately by using your sinks and toilets in the proper manner, you can avoid drain backups and potential water damage. Here are some things you should keep out of your sinks and toilets in order to avoid drain backups. What Not to Place in Your Sink When you […]

Proper Plunger Use for Clearing Toilet Clogs

A plunger may seem like a simple tool, but it never hurts to brush up on home maintenance basics to prevent a potentially messy situation. This brief guide will help you keep your toilets clean and clog-free. If you’re concerned about a clogged toilet overflowing, you can turn off the water valve underneath the tank. […]

Winterizing your Plumbing

As temperatures drop further during the winter season, it’s important to make sure that all your plumbing is ready for the cold. Frozen pipes can cause expensive and sometimes irreparable damage not just to your plumbing but also your home. Pipes will burst when frozen, but they usually burst closer to the faucet where the […]

We Wanted to Let You Know…

All that we can offer you! Your friends at Berkeys Air Conditioning & Plumbing have it all, including professional plumbing services performed by certified plumbers in the trade. What’s more, you can rely on us with that same high-quality air conditioning and heating services. Just take a look at all we offer our valued customers […]

Fall Into Savings: Preparing Your Home’s Plumbing & Heating System

Were you aware that fall is already upon us? That’s right! The first official day of Autumn was September 22. Now is the best time to prepare your home for the change in seasons. Be sure to install covers on all outside faucets to protect them from the cooler temps at night. Remove garden hoses […]

Water treatment update: Is the Water In Your Home Safe for Your Family to Drink?

Are you concerned about the water quality in your home? If not, perhaps you should be. Chlorine is used to clean and treat household water supplies for contaminants and bacteria to make water safer to drink. However, there is concern over some potential health concerns related to not only drinking chlorinated water, but also bathing […]

Did You Know Plumbing is Serious Business to the Berkeys Team?

Have you ever thought about the importance of a plumbing service provider? Did you know it is very important that he or she does a high-quality, professional plumbing job? But, it truly is! It’s critical that you hire only highly trained and licensed service providers. You may ask why this is so important… Quite simply, […]

Do You Like to Save Money? Save on your Air Conditioning and Plumbing Services!

That’s a pretty easy question for most of us, isn’t it? Yes, of course, we like to save money if it means we don’t have to sacrifice quality. Well, now you can have it all! Savings AND the highest-quality air conditioning and plumbing services around. How do you save with Berkeys Air Conditioning and Plumbing? Just look at the […]

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