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Hi-Tech Dallas West End

Dallas’ West End Is Getting Smarter DFW residents are use to using their smart phones and car navigation systems to find their way through our very complex cities. Now, new technologies are being applied to whole neighborhoods, starting near downtown Dallas. According to The Dallas Morning News article, the West End neighborhood is getting to […]

New Year – New HVAC Products

New Developments For Your HVAC System It’s the beginning of the new year and many homeowners are planning their budgets. And many of them are considering including a portion of it for home improvements. As homeowners know, HVAC systems will eventually need repairs and they try to plan for major repairs so they won’t be surprised […]

Berkeys Cares About Our Community

We Support Our DFW Neighbors  At Berkeys, customer service, value and top quality service are our priorities for our business. But before any of that comes our community. Together our employees and our customers build the community we serve. Each of our team members support their part of the community in their own way – […]

Keep Warm, North Texas

Heat Your Home Safely This Winter It’s that time of year again and the temperature keeps dropping. Most of us can keep toasty warm, but there are some areas of the house that seem to be cold, especially in older homes. Older homes have shifted with weather changes and slab floors have cracked, which leads […]

Winter Heating Tips

Stay Warm And Cozy This Winter, Dallas In Texas, we are use to having really hot summers. But our winters can get pretty frosty, too. Most of us don’t really know how to properly maintain a comfortable temperature in our homes. The Weather Channel is here to help with its’ guide to a toasty home. 6 […]

New Ideas For Summer Fun

Keeping kids entertained in the summer isn’t always easy. Most parents have limited time and already have all those swimming and karate lessons planned. Most parents want something new to divert their kids’ attention from hanging out with the X-Box between scheduled activities. Keeping the adults entertained is important, too. The Dallas Morning News recently […]

Hailstorm Damage In Texas Really Adds Up

Storm Damage Repairs Cost Us Texas has really gotten pounded this year by intense storms, hail and ice damage and, yes, tornados. And we’re only halfway through the year. Homeowners have already spent quite a lot of money on repairs. Just last week the Dallas Morning News reported that some of the costs were enormous […]

Not Home For The Holidays? Make Sure Your Home Is Secure

Security For Your DFW Home This December Homeowners and business owners place protecting family, employees and property at the top of the priority list. Most break-ins or robberies are crimes of opportunity. Thieves will try to avoid getting caught. Even if you don’t have a big budget, there are some low-cost ways you can protect […]

Move Over Central Park – DFW Has a Big SURPRISE!

The Dallas Nature District Is A Real Game Changer When most Americans think of big urban parks, they usually imagine something like New York’s Central Park or California’s Golden Gate Park. That’s all going to change in the next few years. Our little Trinity River is about to become the gem in center of The […]

Tiny Budget? You Can Still Remodel Your Bathroom

Make Some Big Changes For A Small Price Most homeowners assume that updating their bathroom is an epic project, that there are always unforeseen catastrophes and delays. Remodeling projects don’t have to be that way.  Hometalk, a website for Do-It-Yourself projects, home crafts and decorating ideas, has some great tips help homeowners remodel their tiny […]