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Smoke Detector Safety Tips To Prevent Accident

Smoke Detector Safety Tips For Dallas Homeowners You may be well aware that home fires are dangerous and can be fatal if you aren’t ready. Unfortunately, you may not always be able to see a fire when it starts. You may not even see it until after it’s done leaving devastating amounts of damage to […]

How To Stop A Ceiling Fan From Squeaking

Fixing A Ceiling Fan From Squeaking For Dallas Homeowners A squeaky ceiling fan is annoying but could also indicate that bigger problems are brewing. If a new ceiling fan begins to squeak right away, it may be a sign of poor workmanship or mechanical issues. ut an older fan that has been running quietly for some […]

Fixing A False Alarm From Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors For Dallas Homeowners Smoke detectors and alarms can be a very useful tool to have in your home and may save your life. But many people experience false alarms with smoke detectors that ultimately make them less effective. By keeping your smoke detector clean and charged, and avoiding putting the unit in places […]

How To Choose A Right Breaker Panel

How Important To Choose A Right Breaker Panel The breaker panel is an important component of the electrical supply system in your home. As the power distributes to your house from the utility company, it goes through the electrical meter, through the electrical supply system and then to the breaker panel. Choosing the right breaker […]

Lighting Surge Protection Testing & Maintenance

Lighting Protection Maintenance For Dallas Homeowners The effects of a direct strike are obvious and immediately apparent – buildings damaged, trees blown apart, personal injuries and even death. However, the secondary effects of lightning – the short duration, high voltage spikes called transient overvoltages can, and do, cause equally catastrophic, if less visually obvious, damage […]

Backup Generator Sizing Dallas

Backup Generator Sizing For Dallas Homeowners Generators are rated in watts or in kilowatts(kW). One thousand watts equals one kilowatt. Appliances are often rated in amps, amperes, volt-amperes or sometimes watts and kilowatts. Deciding which electrical circuits and appliances to power in an emergency is the first step to sizing a standby generator for your home.

The Essential Guide For Having Smoke Detectors Maintenance

Smoke Detectors Maintenance Tips In Dallas For Homeowners Smoke detectors are one of the most important safety devices you can install in your home to protect your personal belongings and your family. Once you’ve installed smoke detectors, it is absolutely necessary to test them regularly to ensure that they will sound during a fire.

Outdoor Lightning Installation For New Beginners

Outdoor Lightning Installation In Dallas For Homeowners Outdoor lighting installation for your house and yard might not be at the top of your home improvement “to do” list but there are practical and aesthetic reasons for doing it, from increasing the security and safety of your property to providing additional curb appeal at night

An Electrical Outlet Inspection Will Enhance Your Outdoor Space

An Electrical Outlet Inspection In Dallas For Homeowners An electrical outlet in a busy part of the house like your bathroom , kitchen, or home workroom has a difficult life. Once an electrical outlet has been damaged or is simply past its prime, it is not only an inconvenience, it can be downright dangerous.

Why Do I need A Backup Generator?

Back Up Generators In Dallas For Homeowners A backup generator is a piece of equipment designed to restore power to your home or business when the power goes out. The equipment is available in a wide range of sizes from small, portable units to large, whole-house systems. Portable units require gasoline while whole-house systems use […]

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