Introducing BEAP: The Future of Home Services in Dallas-Fort Worth!

We’re excited to welcome BEAP, our new robot mascot, to the Berkeys family!

BEAP represents the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and our team’s unmatched expertise in plumbing, AC, and electrical services.


Just outside of Orion’s belt lies a planet called “Meep” in a dual sun system. Its inhabitants are used to constantly changing weather conditions ranging from extreme heat to cold and storms. Over the millennia, the Meep have worked hard to perfect their homes, making them comfortable, dry and efficient so they can cope with all that their planet can throw at them.

Being an advanced and benevolent species, the Meep realized that other planets in our galaxy can benefit from their highly advanced home comfort technology, so they put a series of robotic sentinels on a journey out into the vastness of space to find and help any planet in need of Electrical, Air Conditioning and Plumbing perfection. One such individual arrived on Earth, right here in the DFW Metroplex and in Berkeys’ backyard. 

His name is BEAP from planet Meep and he’s here to help you perfect all your Electrical, Air Conditioning and Plumbing needs!

With BEAP by our side, we’re ready to tackle any challenge and provide the best home solutions for our customers in the DFW area. Experience the difference of top-notch service and innovation – choose Berkeys!