Now’s The Time To Get A Whole Home Generator – Before The Power Grid Crashes This Summer

This spring has been a little warmer than usual. OK, so, it’s 81F in March. That’s not too hot, right? Well, it’s going to get a lot warmer than that in July. Having reliable power for our air conditioning in Texas is vital to our health and safety. It saves lives every year.

According to a recent article in the Dallas Morning News, “Oncor, the state’s largest energy delivery company, plans to spend $24.2 billion throughout the next five years to tighten the reliability of Texas’ electric grid.” That sounds great! No worries, right? However, the DFW metroplex is HUGE. And, Memorial Day is only 65 days away. Not much can be done about our power grid between now and the dog days of summer. That’s where we can take our future air conditioning needs into our own hands with a whole house generator.

Generac Generator

A whole-house generator ensures that your home always has reliable power so you can use most of your appliances when the power goes out, a crucial concern if you must have air conditioning, use medical devices, and need food refrigeration. A portable generator usually can’t stand up to those demands. The larger whole house generators (aka home standby generators) can deliver at least 10,000 watts of electricity, which is enough to power almost everything in an average size home. Smaller models can provide at least 5,000 watts, which is enough to power key household appliances, like your refrigerator, air conditioning system, and medical equipment, but most likely you won’t be able to do laundry and watch movies.

Whole house generators are different from portable generators because they’re permanently installed outside your home and run on propane or natural gas so they don’t need to be refueled by the homeowner. It’s installed using your gas line. They also have other benefits:

  • They start automatically when the power is cut off, so there’s no fumbling around in the dark with flashlights to get a portable generator started.
  • They run a self-diagnosis program and it notifies you when maintenance is needed. 
  • They give you your choice of fuel. They can use propane, which is less risky to store than gasoline, or natural gas. This provides an unlimited supply of power. 
  • And, because they’re professionally installed, they are safer to use than portable generators. They are installed outdoors with the exhaust properly diverted away from your house, which removes the carbon monoxide safety issues posed by a portable generator. 

But there are downsides as well. Whole-house generators are more expensive than portable generators. They range in price from around $2,000 to more than $6,000. By comparison, large portable generators start at around $1,000. Whole house generators are large in size and require a concrete pad near your home, similar to an air conditioning condenser unit. They also require professional installation, sometimes involving input from a plumbing, and electrician and a HVAC professional from Berkeys to do the hookup after a general contractor has poured the concrete pad.

Is getting a standby generator worth it? That depends mostly on how often you lose power and how quickly your power company generally takes to restore power. To a lesser degree, it depends on your ability to live without power and your budget.

If you decide to dive in and get a whole house generator, you’ll want a unit that performs well and delivers steady, reliable power. Make sure the generator can handle the load it promises and determine what happens when a sudden spike in voltage hits, such as when your fridge’s compressor kicks on when the generator is already close to capacity. The best models take that in stride, while others bog down or even stall. That’s where Berkey’s professionals can ensure that your generator is safe and efficient to use. 

Backup power generators are dependable solutions that can take care of your family’s needs until power has been restored. Your generator installation will be overseen by licensed and insured HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical professionals from Berkeys, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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