NBC 5: Dallas Cold Snap Has HVAC Crews Working Overtime to Keep Customers Warm

One heater repair technician said the first Dallas area cold snap of the year is one of his busiest times

With temperatures in North Texas dipping into the 20s, HVAC crews are working around the clock to make sure people are staying warm in their homes.

Brandon Cronkhite, a service technician at Berkey’s Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical, said since this first cold snap people have called 24/7.

Heating Guy“In the last couple of days our call line has tripled,” he said.

NBC 5 tagged along with him while he was on the job.

“For an A/C and heating guy, the two times a year when our business goes crazy is that first cold snap and first heat snap,” he said.

Cronkhite said there are some things that could help eliminate issues for homeowners.

“First off… when you first kick on your furnace you’re going to smell a burning dust smell, that should only last a couple minutes or less,” he said.

If that smell lasts longer, he said to shut off the furnace and call to get it checked.

He also said to keep about 3 feet of space around any gas or electrical appliances, make sure to change filters and to have carbon monoxide detectors with fresh batteries.

“Carbon monoxide is an odorless killer… the number one killer related to gas furnaces,” Cronkhite said.

Check your heating service annually, and if any other issues come up, Call Berkeys today or schedule an appointment online.

Original Article By Lexie Houghtaling
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