New Year – New HVAC Products

New Developments For Your HVAC System

It’s the beginning of the new year and many homeowners are planning their budgets. And many of them are considering including a portion of it for home improvements. As homeowners know, HVAC systems will eventually need repairs and they try to plan for major repairs so they won’t be surprised by a sudden repair bill. As we plan, we should consider the really innovative new HVAC systems on the market.

HVAC Systems That Follow You

Have you ever gone down the freezer isle at the grocery store and the freezer sections light up as you pass? It’s designed that way to save energy. Well, a group at MIT have applied that idea to HVAC systems. MIT’s Senseable City project examines how cities can improve function, but also decrease energy consumption. One prototype system, Cloud Cast, includes the increasing use of sensors and hand-held or wearable “smart” electronics. Cloud Cast is designed to create a citywide cooling system that responds and adjusts itself as people move from one area to another. The project incorporates a system of misting rods arrayed on the ceiling of a walkway, bus stop shelter, etc. and sensors track people’s direction and speed of movement. The system then signals the misters to spray at regular intervals as people walk past. This same technology could be applied to business and residential HVAC systems, streetlights, traffic lights, and other applications, too.

Smarter Home Systems

Just about every homeowner has seen smart thermostats advertised on television or in a home improvement store. Many are ready to install them so they can monitor their home from anywhere, even on vacation. There are a few improved products on the market that use smartphone apps to improve a home’s HVAC efficiency:

  • Several manufacturers have produced smarter thermostat systems that monitor each area of your home through sensors that tracks temperature, air pressure, humidity, etc.  And each area or room can be adjusted by the homeowner on their smart phone. There are many others on the market, like NEST and Honeywell products.
  • Smart vents, like Keen Home Smart Vent, which replaces regular room vents with vents that have interconnected sensors. Each vent monitors temperature and air pressure, but these vents can also open and close. Not every area of a home needs to be heated or cooled all the time, like a guest room or bathroom.The heated or cooled air can then be used in other areas of the home instead and the entire system can be adjusted remotely.
  • Fully automated home systems aren’t just for the Jetsons anymore. Many busy homeowners are looking for one complete system to monitor not just the HVAC system, but also monitor and adjust security systems, lights, appliances, sprinklers, and just about every other aspect of a home from their phone.

3-D Printed A/C

According to 3D printing technology is growing and improving very quickly. One product made by 3D printing is a honeycomb like material called “Cool Bricks” by Emerging Objects. The bricks cool the air through evaporation. Each brick is a three dimensional lattice block that absorbs water and allows air to pass through bringing cooled air into the home. The bricks are modular and can be cemented together in a wall to form a screen.

When you’re ready to upgrade your HVAC system – or any other system – in your home, take a close look at the new and developing technologies that are just around the corner.

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