How To Fix A Slab Leak

Fixing A Slab Leak For Dallas Homeowners

A potential leak causes problems ranging from severe water damage to humidity problems inside your house, and more. It’s crucial to get a slab repair or foundation repair contractor on the job as soon as possible to limit costly damages.

If you are dealing with a leak our residential slab leak detection and repair service can provide you with the solution you need.


How to Fix a Slab Leak

How to detect a slab leak

There’s really no way a homeowner can visually identify a slab leak. Only professionals with high-tech tools can pinpoint if there’s a leak, and where it occurs. Homeowners may suspect that a leak is at the root of the problem when they notice signs like these:

• Increasing water bills
• Sound of running water
• Inexplicable mold growth
• Low water pressure
• Moistened baseboards
• Wet floors and carpets

What causes slab leaks?

Four primary conditions lead to a leaky slab. These include:

Soil chemicals that corrode the pipes or concrete. Hot water pipes corrode due to chemical and heat influences, deteriorating from the outside in. Cold pipes corrode in the reverse, from the inside out, most often caused by electrolysis that happens inside the pipe.

Vibration of pipes that eventually leads to wear and tear.

Pressure problems stemming from improper installation or ground that’s shifting.

Improper construction practices on the part of the builder or installer.

Hire a foundation repair contractor to identify which problem caused your foundation leak. 

What to do about a slab leak

Multiple solutions exist for dealing with a slab leak. You’ll want to avoid working with a contractor, however, who recommends jack-hammering the foundation to find the problem, as this is generally the most costly solution, and it’s messy, too.

Instead, opt to work with a contractor who is experienced in innovative detection methods such as:

Epoxy restoration requires little demolition to the home. The contractor needs to make only two access holes to access the leak for repair.

Re-piping is often the method of choice when multiple leaks exist. It’s also a very thorough solution to putting a permanent stop to leaks. The contractor will install an entirely new, durable piping system that utilizes expansion to ensure secure fittings and a leak-free system. Be sure to ask about the system’s warranty; ideally, it should cover problems over its lifetime.

Pipe re-routing requires demolition and is the go-to choice when pipes in walls and floors must be replaced, too. The methodology is ideal if only a short amount of pipe needs to be replaced, so as to limit demolition and labor costs.

Slab Leak Fixing Service

Dealing with a slab leak requires expert advice. Work with a trusted, reputable professional who holds vast experience helping homeowners remedy foundation leaks. Call (214) 238-8353 us for your home service and repair needs.

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