Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Importance Of Having An Outdoor Lighting In Our Backyard

It’s that time of year again – when the weather warms up and we get our homes ready for the new season. And while you’re getting your yard back in shape, take a look at your outdoor lighting fixtures. Are they ready to take on spring and summer?

This “how to” video will walk you through the steps of servicing or repairing a PAR landscape lighting fixture. This particular fixture is a well light but the connections are the same for all fixtures that use this lamp.


Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

When it comes to exterior lighting, a little bit of maintenance goes a long way. Here’s how you can prepare:

  • Turn off the power at the service panel and remove the light bulbs.
  • Using fine steel wool, wipe away any corrosion from the sockets and then replace the bulbs.
  • Turn the power back on and check to make sure no bulbs have burnt out. If they have, replace them with LEDs.
  • Make sure you have GFCI outlets installed outside. This will help keep your electrical devices safe from the elements.
  • Use weatherproof covers to seal off all outdoor outlets. Look for a plastic box that’s large enough to cover wires while they are plugged in.
  • Consider installing new fixtures around the pool and the patio so you can enjoy the warmer temperatures outside even when the sun goes down.

Tips for Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Start by replacing lamps that have burned out. An easy, fairly low-cost solution is to replace any medium base incandescent lamps with screw-base CFLs unless your building is in a cold climate where compact fluorescents are less effective. A good way to cut costs for lamp replacement in pole-mounted fixtures is to follow a relamping schedule and replace all lamps at the same time.

Once you’ve replaced those lamps, take a look at the ones that are underperforming. Check to see how clean the fixtures are. If any are significantly dirty, start cleaning. Start with the glass or plastic lens, cleaning both sides thoroughly, See if it’s possible to get any dirt off the internal reflectors. Then, check the gaskets to make sure they’re working as intended – if you find too much dirt inside the fixture, it could signal that the gaskets aren’t performing right.

If you notice that your fixtures are too far gone – there’s excessive corrosion, the mechanical integrity has been compromised, or the lenses are broken or missing – then replacing the fixture might be the only option. Sometimes replacement is less expensive than repairs. If possible, invest in products that make the process faster or easier. For example, conversion kits for light poles allow you to lower fixtures to your level and perform maintenance on the ground instead of renting a truck.

Benefits of Planned Maintenance

Start with the glass or plastic lens, cleaning both sides thoroughly. See if it’s possible to get any dirt off the internal reflectors. Then, check the gaskets to make sure they’re working as intended. Planned landscape lighting maintenance produces many benefits. Much care was given to planning and installing your initial outdoor lighting design.  The lighting plan was evaluated in terms of safety, security, mood, image, and aesthetics. The same care must be taken to maintain your lighting design and system. Call (214) 238-8353 us for your home service and repair needs.

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