Berkeys Review: Plumbing Repairs In Lantana, Texas

All of the plumbers at Berkeys take pride in the quality of their work and in the relationships they have cultivated with their customers. They try to provide their best service and their highest quality workmanship on every service call.

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“Our home warranty folks sent out a different plumbing company. Even though the repair wasn't covered by the warranty (of course it wasn't), we needed it fixed and explained to the technician that we'd pay for the repair. After several phone calls and 2 trips out, we realized they just didn't want to do the work. Berkeys was great! Amazingly professional, willing to crawl in our stifling attic and efficient. Our sinks are unclogged and flowing perfectly. We will use Berkeys every time.”

- Plumbing in Lantana on Sep 26th, 2016
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