Berkeys Review: Air Conditioning And Heating Repairs In Fort Worth, TX

Peace of mind is important to any homeowner. At Berkeys, we really do care about our customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We want our customers to be confident in our workmanship and our products.

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“I am very happy with the service I received from Berkeys technical representative, Jarred. He was punctual, respectful and factual! He explained everything he was doing on his service making sure all parts were functioning properly, good air flow, amperage draw, good filtration, and letting me know that my warranty covered everything about my system! A few months ago I had problems with my A/C and Jarred arrived in decent time, made an observation and went right to the problem, He did not have the required part with him but made a temporary fix, ordered the part, and called me while we were waiting for the part to make sure everything was still running. When the part came in he promptly changed the part, rechecked the system and he was on his way! He made tolerance for the delay of the part and made changes on the bill to my favor to include me on an annual warranty and a checkup for the A/C and the furnace! the check up cost me nothing extra, and it is a positive reassurance to know that my system is still running in peak condition! Thanks Jarred! I have received business cards from Jarred so I can pass them on to friends and neighbors, or anyone who wants to hear an honest opinion, I have also, requested a sign that I can post on my lawn to let people know there is a choice available for A/C and furnace service that cares!”

- Air Conditioning, Heating, in Fort Worth on Sep 22nd, 2016
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