Berkeys Review: Air Conditioning Repairs In Denton, Texas

Our staff at Berkeys wants to provide the best customer service possible to our customers. We want our customers to feel that we are honest, dependable professionals. If we think a really simple repair, like replacing air filters, can be made by the customer so they can save some money, we will recommend it. Our customers reward our honestly with loyalty.

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“After my last experience with a local HVAC person, Corkey and office people were a welcomed change. My complaint had to do with a high/medium pitch sound which was only at return air duct. Corkey studied the noise, determined it was harmonics, air flowing over grid. He went in attic to look things over. He suggested I replace the grid, since that would be cheaper then if he did it. Corkey did suggest an additional return duct to aid air flow. Best of all, Corkey waived fee for "consultation". Based on Berkeys first visit, it restored my faith in businesses. They will be back for fall inspection of furnace.”

- Air Conditioning in Denton on Sep 14th, 2016


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