The Do’s and Don’ts of Flood And Gas Safety

You do not want to hire just anyone to repair your home after a flooding disaster. These types of services must be performed by qualified licensed specialists. Your life depends on the quality of their work. All Berkeys plumbers, air conditioning technicians and electricians are licensed and have passed thorough background checks. Electric If you experience flooding and water has risen above the electrical outlets in your home, contact a licensed electrician before turning on the main circuit breaker or trying to restore power. All electrical appliances and electronic equipment that have been submerged in water need to dry thoroughly for at least one week. Then, have them checked by a qualified repair person before turning them on. Attempting to repair a flood-damaged appliance could result in electrical shock or death. Attempting to restart it could result in further damage and costly repairs. If the outside unit of an air conditioning system has been under water, mud and water may have accumulated in the controls. Have the unit checked by a qualified air conditioning technician. Natural Gas If you smell gas, immediately leave the affected area and from a safe distance call 911 or Atmos Energy‘s 24-hour emergency response line, at 1-866-322-8667. NEVER try to find the source of a gas leak. Don’t use a cellular phone or anything else that might cause a spark, such as a generator. During a natural disaster or severe weather DO NOT turn off your natural gas, even if you are evacuated. If flooding occurs at a residence or business and the gas appliances are under water, do not try to operate the appliances. Instead, contact Atmos Energy or a qualified plumbing service professional to conduct a safety inspection. If a natural gas meter is damaged or a gas line is exposed, immediately leave the area and call the 24-hour emergency response number at 1-866-322-8667. Natural gas distribution pipelines are mostly underground, but can be damaged by uprooted trees and shifted foundations. Before digging or removing underground tree roots, Call 811 to have the location of underground utility lines marked, as gas service lines could become tangled. Before clearing trash and debris after a natural disaster, know where your natural gas meter is located before using any mechanical equipment to clean up after the storm, the meter may be hidden under the trash or debris.

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