Latest Reviews From Our Customers

Here are some of the latest reviews from our customers this week:

Although it’s tough to get excited about having to spend $10,000 on a new heating and A/C system (especially right after the New Year) I have to say I believe that I was was treated with complete honesty and fairness by everyone at Berkeys.  Mike and his crew were very professional, understanding of my situation, and patient in explaining everything to me along the way.  It really hurt to pay this bill but at least I feel like I received a good value with great service from a caring company.  And I now have some peace of mind instead of my 11 year old builder’s grade HVAC system that could have been repaired but was on its last leg anyway.  I would not hesitate to recommend Berkeys to anyone based on my experience with them. – Ed A., Carrollton, TX

Rafael was great, very kind and friendly!  I am grateful for honest and genuine people who are in the service business.  – Kristin L., McKinney, TX

I have been using Berkeys for my HVAC needs since 1999.  I will continue to use Berkeys because they are professional, prompt and always get the job done right.  Before I started using Berkeys, my experience in HVAC Service Providers led me to have very little confidence that the issue would be fixed and remain fixed.  I had an experience in 1999 where I used about 3 Service Providers to diagnose a problem with my Air Conditioning system.  The first 2 providers could not diagnose the problem and get the system working properly.  I contacted Berkeys and they found and fixed the problem within the first 15 minutes.  The house where I had a problem today was not my house.  It was my sisters.  However, when I realized the Furnace was not working, the first company that came to mind was Berkeys.  I  didn’t know that I had an issue until shortly before 5:00 p.m.  I fully expected to find the office closed or that I would have to pay an emergency charge to get someone out today.  Thankfully, I was wrong on both assumptions.  Daniel came to the house within 2 hours of my initial call.  He quickly isolated the problem and fixed it.  Thankfully, he was able to get our heat back on.  As my experience with Berkeys has always been positive, Daniel didn’t let me down with my expectations.  My HVAC system won’t last much longer, but I do know that I’ll be reaching out to Berkeys when I have the funds to replace the Furnace. – Scott Y., Flower Mound, TX

Roger the tech was great and always explained what his was doing. Once the diagnosis was complete, he laid out the options for repair and allowed the consumer to make the choice. No up-selling and let the consumer decide! – Brian D., Fort Worth, TX

Technician knew exactly what the problem wash and was able to repair the damage and leak quickly in a very professional manner. – Winona S., Southlake, TX

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