Reviews From Our Customers

Here are some of the latest reviews from our customers this week:

When I had my through inspection, I informed Brandon of poor air flow and lack of warming/cooling power. He inspected my attic and found the duct work was out of code (house built 1984), insulation was poor (hardly had any)! The air in my home was also stale from pets, dust and cooking etc. After we went over his report, I decided to have my duct work replaced, insulation added and an air scrubber installed. Within days, Tony and his crew came and went to work immediately tearing down, replacing the old, adding the new. It has now been over a month and I have seen a huge difference. My furnace doesn’t run as often as it did, the air quality is awesome (actually smells fresh, the dust isn’t as bad as it used to be either) and I’m one ‘happy camper’! Thank you Berkeys for your technician Brandon Cronkhite who was able to trouble shoot my issues and to Tony and his crew for all their hard work and repairs. I will definitely recommend your company and the professionals you have working for you. – Kristine L., Watauga, TX

The technician was very polite, he also answered all our questions. When asked about the pricing of the part he compared the part we had and the one he installed and showed the warranty on the new part.  He seemed very knowledgeable. – Maria S., Euless, TX

Heat and air installed and did an excellent job. I have great confidence In Berkeys . They have always done Number 1 service for me.  I have recommended them to many people. – Nita G., Halton City, TX

A good job, on time and under budget by a friendly and courteous staff. Good follow up and they have been taking care of my home needs for years and years now and I am very pleased. – Lee S., Grapevine, TX

Tech gave me a complete assessment of unit and current performance. Described potential problems as temperature heats up. I requested an estimate to update. He was professional, personable and thorough.. – Gail R., Lewisville, TX

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