Reviews From Our Customers

Here are some of the latest reviews from our customers this week:

I have been using Berkeys as the “Go-To Guy” for plumbing problems for 15 years. The service and technicians have always been super. Service has been prompt, pleasant and efficient. I would readily recommend Berkeys to anyone needing plumbing service. – Frank M.

Berkeys is committed to taking care of customers by doing preventive maintenance.  Electrical, heat and plumbing service techs came out today and made me feel comfortable that everything was in good working order.  BAM plan is awesome. – Judy B.

Jerry came for our annual plumbing inspection as part of the BAM plan, and has been to our house before.  While everything checked out fine, and Jerry pointed out some future things to keep an eye on, what really made an impression came when I first answered the door.  After greeting me, Jerry asked how the family was doing, particularly my wife.  He remembered from his last visit a year ago that my wife had been undergoing treatments for an aggressive breast cancer, and wanted to know how she was doing (she’s recovering well).  He was as sincere as any family member calling for the latest update.  Even though this may seem like a routine business call, for Jerry it was more than that.  He told me a year ago that he would add my wife to his prayer group’s petitions, and clearly he meant it.  Berkeys should be proud of its employees, particularly when they go beyond the pure business aspects of the job and show their customers that they really do care about them.  Jerry takes his concern for the customer to new heights, and is the reason I am proud to be a customer of Berkeys. – Tom D.

The service personal showed up quick and looked at the whole system.  He made suggestions on future service needed.  The tech was on the money about the repairs and set up a appointment to install new inside unit.  Great Job Brandon. – Steve R.

Lloyd is a great example of exceptional quality service offered by Berkeys. He is always pleasant,  informative and detailed. I like him servicing my account today and going forward! – Dana W.

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