Reviews From Our Customers This Week

Here are some of the latest reviews from our customers this week:

My HVAC technician was able to diagnose the problem with my system and explain what was needed to correct it.  He was able to get it working for the overnight and scheduled the call for the next day to complete the service. (This was approved by me as it was late when he came to my house and was going to take several hours to get parts and service).  I was very pleased with the effort and the unit work overnight just fine. – Burgin H 

From the person answering the phone to the technician who did the work, all were extremely courteous and  dedicated to helping me solve my problem.  Your company will be first on my list to call anytime in the future that I may need such service again. – Harold M.

The technician found source of leak and fixed it in less than 10 seconds.   The tech was very professional and courteous.  I tested his knowledge about HVAC as I was a former owner of an HVAC company on the East Coast.  He knew his stuff and I will ask for him next time! – Marty E.

After a not so good start, I’m thoroughly happy with Berkeys.  I was really pleased with how the staff and owner both responded to my needs.  It was truly a remarkable experience and they went out of their way to make sure I was happy.  I thank you!  – Ronald J.

My technician arrived promptly as my call was his first of the day.  He took care to cover his shoes and inspected and serviced my 3 heating units in a very acceptable time.  He did point out an issue with a coil that had been replaced in 2009 and I appreciated knowing the information.  He also gave tips on maintenance I can do during the year. He was very personable and I would recommend him highly. – Susan S.

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