Three Common Issues that can Affect Your Air Conditioner

Regular maintenance can help you prevent most air conditioner problems; however, some issues are unavoidable. While you can fix some minor issues yourself, you’ll need an experience A/C technician to get your system up and running if you encounter a major problem.


When Your A/C Doesn’t Cool Your Home

One of the most common issues is that the home is not getting cool, or that the A/C doesn’t cool the house evenly. This can be caused by a thermostat that is not accurately set or has a dead battery. Duct work that is not properly installed can also lead to uneven cooling. Check your exterior A/C unit, which houses the condenser. A dirty condenser coil can be clogged with leaves and debris, which can keep your home from being cooled effectively.

When Your Air Conditioner “Short Cycles”

An air conditioner can turn off and on rapidly in succession. This is called short cycling, and it can occur for a few different reasons. Dirty or iced coils can cause the unit to shut down and then reactivate when the thermostat once again calls for cooling. A clogged air filter can also overwork an A/C unit, putting unnecessary strain on the motor and potentially causing premature failure.

When Your Air Handler Stops Working

The internal portion of your A/C system is called your air handler, and it pushes cool air throughout your home’s duct work. The motors in the system can be vulnerable to burnout if air filters are clogged. If your air filters are clean, check your circuit panel to ensure that your air conditioner is receiving power. Sometimes, short cycling or other issues can cause the breaker to trip.

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