How to Keep Your Sinks and Toilets Clog-Free

Plumbing is a modern utility found in every household, so it’s easy to take it for granted until you don’t have it anymore. Many home plumbing problems can be resolved with a plunger and discretion about what you put down the drains, but there are some materials that can cause worse clogs than others. Avoid an impromptu visit from a professional plumber and avoid putting these items down your drains.

Hygienic Supplies

Aside from normal toilet supplies, there are various hygienic items that should not be flushed. Items such as cotton swabs, dental floss, diapers, prophylactics, and even sanitary wipes are all non-biodegradable. Use products marked as biodegradable sparingly, as it may still take time for them to dissolve in water.


Hair is an inevitable byproduct of personal hygiene, but takes a long time for it to deteriorate and it can cause severe tangles deep inside the line. Chemical drain cleaners are an option for minor clogs, but improper use can actually degrade your pipes and cause severe plumbing leaks. Prevent hair buildup inside your drains by installing a hair trap and cleaning it regularly.

Food Fats

There is a common misconception that mixing food grease with soap will make it safe for your drains, but the grease can still harden inside your pipes. Over time, hardened fat deposits will decrease the functional diameter of the pipe, eventually clogging it completely. Certain types of food such as pasta are particularly problematic, as they can expand within the pipes and exacerbate pre-existing issues.

Chances are you’ll eventually encounter some plumbing issues in your home. If and when you do, Berkeys Air Conditioning & Plumbing will be there to provide your Dallas/Fort Worth home or business with professional and reliable 24-hour emergency plumbing service. Contact us online or call (214) 593-6468 to schedule service today.

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