Air Conditioning Tune Ups and Compact Fluorescent Lights

light_bulbCan you believe it? We let our air conditioning systems go without a tune up while we buy $5 compact fluorescent light bulbs to save less than $10 per year on our electric bills?

Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) save energy and help the environment. That’s good. But tuning up your air conditioners helps you be green and save green much faster.

This year Berkeys is on schedule to perform more than 10,000 air conditioning tune ups, saving our customers more than $1 million dollars on their electric bills. That’s an average of more than $100 per system (conservatively), and our average customer has 3.2 central air conditioners.

Here’s How You Save

A well-tuned AC system runs more efficiently and less often, so you use less electricity. Most air conditioning and heating companies charge about $79 for an AC tune up, including Berkeys. If you save $100 in electric bills, you’re $21 ahead on each system.

Berkeys takes the savings several steps further with the Berkeys Automatic Maintenance Plan. Plus, with the BAM Plan, you don’t even have to wait for the first electric bill to begin seeing savings.

The cost to tune-up two central air and heating systems each year with most companies would be $316. The addition of a plumbing tune-up raises the cost to $395. The more systems you have the more you pay. That’s reason enough to BAM it and forget it! Each year, the BAM Plan includes three tune-ups (A/C, Heating & Plumbing) on ALL systems for only $99.

Bonus Savings

When properly tuned each year, your air conditioners and heaters will last longer, saving you more money.

So, by all means buy the CFLs, but don’t overlook the much bigger savings to be realized by having your air conditioning, heating and plumbing systems running at top efficiency.

Be sure to handle those compact fluorescent lights carefully, too. They contain mercury, so if you break one, watch that you don’t get cut, and be sure to recycle them instead of disposing in the trash.