How to Select a Plumber

The ideal time to select a plumber is not when you are experiencing a plumbing emergency. If you have a serious leak or some other urgent plumbing problem, you may just hire the first plumber that answers the phone instead of making a wise choice. It is a good idea to do some research and inquire about plumbing services in your area before you have to make a hasty, sometimes regrettable, decision. Even if you never have a plumbing emergency, you should hire a qualified plumbing service to check your heating and cooling systems before using them every season to ensure that they are safe and running at their maximum efficiency. Following is a list of things to consider when choosing a plumbing service:

  • Ask your friends, family or other people you trust for their recommendations. If that is not feasible, ask the realtor that handled your home purchase or a building contractor for advice. They should be familiar with plumbing services in the area and know their reputations.
  • Make sure the plumber is licensed and has a current liability insurance policy.
  • What is the plumber’s hourly rate, and is there is an extra fee for the service call? While this may not be the most important consideration for choosing a plumber, if all other comparisons are equal, it could help you make a decision. Never base your choice on rates alone though. A cheap, but poor, plumbing repair could eventually cost more than paying a higher rate for a good job.
  • Does the plumbing service have someone on call 24 hours a day? How quickly can they respond to handle emergencies? How much higher is their rate when the plumbers must work on weekends, holidays or at night?
  • Does the plumber guarantee his or her work for a suitable period?
  • How many years of experience does the plumber have?

Choosing a reliable plumbing service before you need one can relieve you from the added stress that an already stressful situation causes if a pipe plugs up or springs a leak. Compare the qualifications and advantages of each of the plumbing services in the area, and select a reputable plumber when you can calmly consider your options and make a wise decision. Then, you will be able to act quickly if you have a plumbing emergency, and you can have peace of mind, knowing your problem will be handled with speed and efficiency.

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